How to Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV (Guide)

We all want to have the best experience when we’re watching television. 

It is that time when we want the audio and sound quality to be top-notch so that nothing can disturb us. And this is when Yamaha Soundbar comes to our rescue. It makes sure that we have the best time watching television and we thoroughly enjoy this time without any disturbance. Yamaha Soundbar is the best product in the market and is known for doing the best job. It is extremely popular amongst consumers and has great reviews.

But a lot of people face difficulty when it comes to connecting the soundbar to their television. If you are somebody who faces a similar problem, then don’t worry as we have got you covered. Here is a detailed guide on how to connect Yamaha Soundbar to TV

How to Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV

How to Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV (Guide)

There are three ways by which you can connect your Yamaha Soundbar to your television. You can connect it through HDMI, optical cable, or Bluetooth connection. It just depends upon your personal preference or the features offered by your television set.

Connecting Yamaha Soundbar through HDMI

Connecting Yamaha Soundbar through HDMI:

If your television supports the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature, then this option might be suitable for you and you might be able to connect your Yamaha Soundbar to your television through HDMI.

You need to ensure the availability of ARC. Look for ARC HDMI Cable under the HDMI port or read the manual.

Once you figure it out, here is what you need to do:

  • Turn off your television set and also turn the Yamaha Soundbar off too. 
  • Now take the HDMI cable and plug it in on both ends.
  • Change the audio output of your television to HDMI. 
  • Now go to the Yamaha Soundbar and from here change the audio settings to HDMI.

Connecting Yamaha Soundbar through Optical Cable:

If your television set doesn’t support HDMI then the optical cable is the best option for you. It is the most used way to connect the Soundbar to your television set. Almost all of the television sets support this option and with optical cables, you will most definitely be able to enjoy high-quality audio through your Soundbar connected to the television. 

  • Turn both of the devices off.
  • Get the optical cable plugged in the TV and Soundbar output. 
  • The audio output source should be selected as an optical cable on both television and Soundbar. 
  • Enjoy your time.

Connecting Yamaha Soundbar through Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is an easy and wireless way to connect the Soundbar to the television set. But for this method, you will need a model that supports Bluetooth and wireless connections. 

  • Here is how you can connect the soundbar through Bluetooth.
  • Go to your television’s settings and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Turn the Soundbar’s Bluetooth on too.
  • Then pair both the Bluetooth connections. 
  • Once they are paired, you are free to enjoy your audio.


The settings, labels, and hardware may differ for different models of television but the method of connecting will remain the same. To avoid any confusion do check out the manual that comes with your Soundbar and your television set. Once you get your television connected to the Yamaha Soundbar, you will be able to enjoy programs with high-quality audio, elevating your television experience.

The Soundbar can be controlled with the remote that comes with it or the Soundbar app that you will have to download. Simple steps and then you can have the best audio quality while getting entertained. With these 3 options, you can connect your Soundbar, but if you still face any issues, then reach out to Yamaha Support. 

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