How To Connect Soundbar To Roku TV

Soundbars are the best way to turn your cozy, casual room into a full-fledged cinema powered by an incredibly optimized sound that TV speakers can’t solely provide. So, now if you are planning to buy a soundbar for your TV or you already have one, the trouble starts with connectivity options, right?

But if you have a Roku TV, all of your worries have already been sorted out because it is one of the most versatile TVs that provides multiple input options to connect to a soundbar. What are those options and how can you connect the soundbar to Roku TV? This mini read has answers to all of your questions.

There are several ways that you can use to make a reliable connection between soundbar and Roku TV, let’s have a look at each one of them step by step.

How To Connect Soundbar To Roku TV

How to connect soundbar to Roku TV with HDMI?

HDMI is the most common and convenient way to connect a soundbar to your TV via HDMI cable. This cable is easily available at every electronic store and most probably you will find it in soundbars and TVs boxes as an accessory.  HDMI makes the most reliable connection to stream powerful audio through the soundbar.

Regardless of what kind of soundbar you have got and how many channels it consists of, HDMI cable will always prove to be a great input option.

  • Firstly, make sure that both your TV and soundbar are compatible with each other. If  HDMI ports are available on both devices, great, if not then you would have to look for another option.
  • Adjust your TV settings to HDMI that you will find in the “System Audio Control” portion in Roku TV.
  • Return to the home menu.
  • Arrange the HDMI cable and plug one end of the cable into the soundbar and the other into the TV port.
  • Turn on both devices and that’s it, a wonderful connection has been built and now you can enjoy your weekend binge-watching your favorite shows in theatre-like audio.

How to connect soundbar to Roku TV with optical cable?

In case you don’t have an HDMI cable available, no worries! An optical cable is the best alternative that you can benefit from. Check out the “Optical audio output” port on the TV and the “Optical audio input” port on the soundbar.

  • Check out if both soundbar and Roku TV are powered “ON”.
  • Remove the plastic caps to perfectly fit an optical cable to avoid confusions that either the port is damaged or the cable is not working properly.
  • Connect one end of the optical cable to the input port on the soundbar and the other end to the input port on the Roku TV.
  • Analyze the quality of sound and in case of any glitches monitor the connection properly.

All of the Roku TVs don’t provide optical connectivity so when you are going to buy a soundbar for your TV, make sure that your TV is compatible with it or not.

How to connect the soundbar to Roku TV using Bluetooth?

If you want to avoid the cluttering of wires and are looking forward to wireless yet reliable connection between the soundbar and Roku TV, Bluetooth works great in this regard. The best thing is that most of the Roku TVs are equipped with Bluetooth technology that makes it easier for you to go wireless with the soundbars.

In order to connect your soundbar to Roku TV via Bluetooth receiver, you need to make sure it can be compatible with any Roku TV model that you have.

Now, let’s go to the steps that you would need to follow.

  • Plugin your Bluetooth receiver with Roku TV.
  • Turn on both the Bluetooth receiver and soundbar.
  • You will see a light blinking that is a sign they are turned “ON”.
  • Start pairing the two devices and that’s it!

After the devices have been paired, you need to adjust your TV’s settings. For this, go to the settings and select “control other devices”, your soundbar would be recognized as a speaker source. Then go to “system audio control” and here you can select the speaker or soundbar that you have connected.

Wi-Fi is also an option regarding wireless connectivity.

How to connect soundbar to Roku TV with AUX cable?

Aux cable is also one of the most feasible options in addition to HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical ones. This type of input includes a 3.5mm auxiliary cable that is used to transfer data in the form of analog signals rather than digital signals.

  • Do check out if your TV has an AUX port available or not, if yes! Then you are all set to follow the next steps.
  • Turn both soundbar and Roku TV “ON”.
  • Plug one side of the AUX cable into the input jack present on the soundbar.
  • Connect the other side of the cable to the output jack on your TV.
  • Set the soundbar to AUX mode.

You can easily get AUX cable from any electronic store at a reasonable price.

How to connect soundbar to Roku TV with AV cable?

RCA AV cables are the most convenient and standard method of connecting two devices by an accurate transfer of analog signals. These audiovisual cables come in pairs and are of yellow, red, and white colors. The best thing about this connectivity option is that it is capable of maintaining signal strength and quality at its best.

  • Make sure that your Roku TV and soundbar are enabled with AV cable ports.
  • Insert white connector side of the cable to the white output socket on the TV.
  • Install a red socket to the red connector on the TV and soundbar in the same way.
  • Check out everything patiently and enjoy the sound.


Owing to the versatility of Roku TV, it provides every possible yet reliable connectivity option to add to your convenience. From analog to digital ones, from conventional to highly advanced options, Roku TV is a complete package that has made connecting a soundbar to it super easy and effortless.

I hope that by the end of this mini-guide, you have got answers to all of your queries concerning how to connect soundbar to Roku TV? and it has made you aware of most of the popular yet important options that you can avail of.

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