Definitive Technology Cs9040 Review

Introducing Definitive Technology’s newly reinvented center channel speaker, the CS9040. By integrating an 8-inch Passive Bass Radiator and by pairing it with Definitive’s proprietary Intelligent Bass Control, you’re getting deep bass that will really make a difference. Tune in to enjoy enhanced audio for movies and TV shows with dynamic sound effects like never before!
The CS9040 has a phenomenal balance between the lows and mids so you can hear vocal performances clearly while remaining immersed in a powerful listening experience.

Definitive Technology cs9040 specs

TweeterOne 1 inch Aluminum Dome
Mid/WooferTwo 4.5 inch BDSS Bass
Bass RadiatorOne 8 inch
Frequency Response50Hz – 40kHz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Sensitivity89 dBSPL
Recommended Input Power50-200W
Height5.95 inch
Width20.75 inch
Depth12 inch
Weight20 lbs
Definitive Technology cs9040 specs

Definitive Technology cs9040 Review

The Definitive Technology CS9040 Center Channel Speaker is perfectly built for just that as it’s powerful with an unbelievable sound quality thanks to its high fidelity BDSS mid/bass technology drivers and 1-inch Aluminum Dome tweeters, designed so your content sounds nothing shy of perfect every single time.
This speaker can help make your home theater complete since it has two 4.5 inch mid drivers in addition to the full range tweeter that delivers pure sound at any volume level or place within a room due to its wide dispersion pattern.

Definitive Technology Cs9040 Review

It is the latest audio technology in its iconic intelligent design with sound clarity. Definitive packed this baby from top to bottom with features that handle anything you throw at it. It has drivers, a tweeter, and a long-throw woofer for accurate highs and deep bass. This center channel speaker also has technologies like Elevated Bass Guide System (EBS) which raises low-end frequencies so they’re heard better by all of your speakers at their intended volume without muddying up or humps/dips in frequency response.
But wait! There’s more! It just doesn’t look good, it sounds good too! Not only does this beauty have an awesome two-tone

The Definitive Technology CS9040 center channel speaker is the real thing you’ve been looking for. It’s fanatical about sound, thanks to a new proprietary coaxial driver with three beveled titanium tweeters. The aluminum woofer delivers bass that can feel and be felt with added rounded edge protection in rubberized carpet spikes for your floors. A professional-grade eight-ohm voice coil brings the best performance possible at all volume levels so it feels like it’s talking straight to you even when turned up high or downstairs on low power.
The speaker’s cutting-edge design elements include an acoustically transparent grill which means no matter how big the room is, this speaker will always sound amazing!

The Definitive Technology CS9040 Center Channel Speaker is designed to reproduce natural, clear, and powerful sound. The design of the speaker’s rigid cabinet ensures that minimal vibrations will disturb your other components downstream. With low-distortion magnetic shielding, you can enjoy good images year after year without worrying about interference from other electronic equipment in your setup.

Definitive Technology Cs9040

Designing a speaker that is able to play natural, clear, and powerful sound doesn’t seem as easy as it might first seem. The Definitive Technology CS9040 Center Channel Speaker, without the use of any resonating materials inside its cabinet, has no way of interacting with incoming waves other than by attenuating them which causes it to lose some of its raw output. However, with this problem solved by creating an external point source for transducers to generate sound waves at instead if they would simply be funneled through the air in the typical fashion; you have a result which is free from every form of distortion- or so we’re told.

For a home theater, few speakers will sound quite as good and articulate as the Definitive Technology CS9040 Center Channel Speaker. With its rigid standards for better imaging, the totally inert resonance-free cabinet help minimize disturbance; giving you natural clear, and powerful sound with crisp bass to bring your movie experience vividly alive.

This speaker has a bass radiator, which is a big deal because it has Definitive Technology’s proprietary Intelligent Bass Control. With an 8-inch passive bass radiator and Proprietary Audio Processing to maintain deep and powerful low frequencies while maintaining pristine mids up top, this baby can reach medium-high volumes without distortion which means your center soundstage will be balanced for hours of cinematic enjoyment.
The CS9040 just might take your speakers game to the next level with its wireless subwoofer connectivity (pairing them via Bluetooth) AND its Virtual Surround Sound Mode so you’ll feel like you’re right in front of the action no matter where you are in.

Definitive Technology, for 25 years has been dedicated to harnessing the power of audio and using it to enrich people’s lives. The CS9040 Center Channel Speaker is a perfect example of this dedication. With proprietary BDSS technology that expertly reproduces sound, you can feel deep in your chest, the Center Channel speaker will make any movie goer say “wow.” It delivers unbeatable performance when paired with Definitive Technology side towers or bookshelf speakers. And did we mention it? This baby was built tough with stainless steel grill cloth and a heavy-duty cabinet design that makes it as durable as it is beautiful. So stop fretting over whether there’s enough bass on your favorite album and get ready to enjoy movies.

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