Best Home Theatre System Under $500

Gone are the days when you would watch a lackluster movie on TV and not care about its overall audio-visual performance.

Our intellectual minds can now immediately compare the quality of a movie on TV with that of the movie in a theatre, just to find out that the cinematic representation displayed in cinema can double the enjoyment.

In the case of the performance by your average TV, not only the background sound is compromised altogether but the continuous distortion also gets on nerves due to challenged signal processing.

The only modern and tech-compatible solution to eliminate this painful dullness of your TV lounge is to add the power of a full-fledged home theatre system.

Given that, the home theatre package comes with all the required components to target the loopholes and present a complete arrangement to set up your own theatre.

The fine assortment of various front and rear speakers, subwoofers, front/center channel speakers and the remote control lets you monitor the audio reproduction on your own.

You don’t need to step out every other day for a cinema evening when you can bring it to your home on a risk-free budget.

Well, there are home theatre systems as expensive as above and around $1000, $2000 but if you are a careful beginner or trapped to make an upgrade, you can try one of these smart picks that fall just under $500.

Top 15 Best Home Theatre Systems Under $500- With Buying Guide 2022

Best Home Theater System Under 500

1- Polk Audio 5.1 Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

This is the best home theatre system for booming bass.


Polk Audio has presented a set of heavy-duty theatre systems with bookshelf mounting that includes 2 Tower speakers, 1 Center channel, 2 Bookshelf speakers, and 1 subwoofer.

Themed in rich black color, this quick and easy-to-install setup does not cause any headache the very first day you bring it in because it’s reasonably lightweight.

Hello to the people on a tight budget, this costs you at an affordable price under $500, with uncompromising cinematic output.

Though no doubt in its high-end construction, the silk dome and polymer made tweeter speak high of the longevity that this system is bound to represent.

All these pieces together make an army of 15 aggregated drivers and tweeters which then tend to produce space-filling audio draped in punchy bass.

This floor-standing home theatre system can ultimately withstand the criteria of exceptional and sense-driven performance. The experts have quality-charged the complete system with Proprietary dynamic balance technology to cut the crap of unwanted distortion and bring about wider dispersion plus clarity.

These theatrical components are configured with a 5.1 surround sound channel system that introduces you to supreme stereo sound within your personal space, good for small and medium rooms.

This home theatre system can go well with any receiver or amplifier for rational audio reproduction, saving you from the second investment of an efficiency-matched receiver.

The high and mid-range tunes are somewhat well packed and the trebles turn slightly muted on high volume, given that its speakers can procure extreme loudness which is another plus point.

However, the demand is that of the natural sound, your movies will feel like a live show running around you.


  • Polk’s Proprietary Dynamic Balance Technology
  • Affordable price
  • It is compatible with most AV receivers
  • The powered subwoofer produces thumping bass
  • Three dimensional surround sound with 5.1 channel system
  • Remarkable build quality


  • Not for extra big rooms

2- Logitech Z906 Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best wired high-powered speaker system on an affordable budget.


Talking of its energy, this home theatre system is beyond all other options as it is built to withdraw 1000 watts peak power to ensure a cinema-alike sound display right at your home.

With a 5.1 channel system, this surrounds speaker set is all ready to make your living space an instant mode of theatrical enjoyment through an easy-go mountable display.

The package is stuffed with the following pieces: 5 satellite speakers, speaker connection, subwoofer, six-channel direct cable, control console, remote control, and batteries.

The power handling on account of its subwoofer is between the range of 150-300 watts which again is the best feature to showcase high volume and deep-rooted bass.

Since this system is also Dolby and DTS certified, an immediate emphasis will be put on the detailing of sensational music, muffled background movement, and swift dialogues.

You can finally finish your long pending to-watch list of all the latest movies and also it’s time to get into a couple of gaming sessions.

The satellite speakers are THX-certified that work as a makeshift studio to perform with full potential and can be paired with any audio source.

There are lots of audio input ports that directly indicate the flexibility to tune in multiple sources in a go, the maximum you can go is 6 devices at one time.


  • It supports Dolby and DTS Digital
  • The system is configured to perform at 1000 peak power
  • It can be mounted on wall or simply placed around
  • Very inexpensive
  • Multiple inputs for quick connection
  • THX certified dynamic satellite speakers


  • The speaker wires require a little quality improvement

3- Rockville HTS56 Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is one of the cheap wireless high-powered home theatre systems.


Rockville home theatre system comes well packed with all the studio sound essentials such as Subwoofer, 2 Front and rear speakers, Center channel, Remote control, and Signal cable.

You are at liberty to showcase the whole setup in your preferred way, be it mounted up or just scattered around on the floor. For interconnections between the speakers, there are quite many cables of varied lengths included in the package. 

The high-class 8” inches subwoofer is designed with a built-in receiver to procure clear-cut 3D sound with mind-blowing cinematic detailing on every inch. 

The bass is bombastic and the frequency response range of up to 20KHz stay smooth side by side with the RMS power of 250-watts for a multi-dimensional performance.

The dual separate full-range front and back speakers create a crazy surround sound effect at the stake of an efficient 5.1 channel system.

This system can stage extreme volume of sound, given that every speaker has its connected volume control settings for independent audio formatting.

Rockville experts have constructed each speaker piece with noticeable care using the unusual combo of MDF and plastic that goes a long way in the race of durability.

The LED lights pattern spice up the atmosphere with the rich flavor of aesthetics and the vibrant ambiance also plays its part in lifting your mood.

For seamless connection between the home theatre system and your source device, you are provided with the reliable Bluetooth support of version 2.1. It’s great enough to not interrupt your regular sound intake.


  • Lots of individual wires are added to connect speakers with receivers
  • Good quality speaker built-up with MDF wood
  • Subwoofer with built-in receiver
  • Wall mountable design
  • LED light effects for studio touch-up
  • Wireless connection with Bluetooth v2.1


  • No power output of 1000 watts as advertised

4- Energy 5.1 Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

This is our first choice as the best affordable home theatre system right under $500.


This home theatre system from Energy comprises 6 classically powered pieces: 4 Satellite Speakers, 1 Center Channel Speaker, and 1 Subwoofer.

To establish a seamless connection of the theatre system with your TV or any other potential device, you will also need a receiver and that has to be bought separately. 

Colored in black high gloss, the experts have tried to paint it exemplary so that it may complement every interior type.

The exterior of each piece is settled using pressboard material which is prone to scrapes so a lot of care is required on your part.

It is equipped with a 5.1 channel system with the maximum power handling of doubled 200-watts that renders it with sufficient integrity to be accounted as the best beginner’s home theatre system.

Priced under the affordable range of just $500, the audio productivity in your living room-turned-theatre will ascend to new heights with this safe investment, to let you indulge in animated cinematic vibes. 

Having said that, its sound supremacy can be defined with the sensitivity rate of 89dB and maximized 20KHz frequency response enveloped in low distortion and resonance.

The special hyperbolic tweeter is integrated with an aluminum dome while the poly-titanium-made woofer is packed with CSM technology to procure deep bass and accurate dialogues to advocate the performance of high-end movies.

This system also makes sure that the sound reaches evenly and throughout the room with a wide and constant dispersion approach, to stay true to its theatrical efficiency.

To boost the overall performance, follow the guidelines given in the included instruction manual as it will let you know the ideal position of each component.

This is a wall-mountable theatre system for an added convenience for small spaces or to showcase the power-driven components with ease.


  • Ribbed Elliptical Surround Technology
  • Flat On-Axis Frequency Response with Wide Bandwidth
  • The complete package is wall mountable
  • 2-Way Potent Energy Satellite Speakers
  • 60-days free technical support right after purchase


  • It comes without a receiver set

5- Yamaha YHT-4950U 5.1 Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best Ultra HD home theatre system around the price of $500.


Yamaha YHT-4950U has stepped in the race with a floor-standing home theatre system, including an AV receiver, 5 speakers, a subwoofer, and also a speaker wire.

The elite manufacturing results in a classy appearance that stands sound on the scale of durability at an affordable price.

With the backing of a 5.1 channel system, this theatre system triggers its set of 5 potent speakers to deliver enormous sound with definite transparency.

It comes with an AV receiver that is furnished with exceptional smartness of 4K Ultra HD that enables the representation of around 60 frames per second.

It does not stop here rather the theatre system is also equipped with HDR10 and Dolby Digital to bring life into the image and render your experience close to that of the cinema.

Whilst sound imaging is also sponsored by Yamaha’s cinema DSP technology to complement the criteria of fulfilling theatre arrangements in one place.

The receiver is qualified for a 2-way wired and wireless connection system with built-in Bluetooth and HDMI, to admire seamless reproduction of stereo surround sound.

Yet another smart YPAO room optimizer sensor deduces the acoustic capacity of the room itself and then publishes the sound according to the need of the space while keeping up with the detailing.

Its magical subwoofer presents the listeners with strengthened bass and significant control on secondary tunes without interrupting the natural rhythm. The output wattage is 150 watts that is neither too much nor less to carry on with the theatrical experience.

There is a set of SCENE buttons that lets you quickly switch between different modes and you can also customize the buttons for your preferred click-away mode.


  • The AV receiver carries 4K Ultra HD efficiency
  • It is supported with HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Connection with Bluetooth and HDMI
  • YPAO Room Optimization feature
  • 5-channel surround sound with virtual cinema front
  • SCENE buttons allow easy control


  • The Bluetooth troubles a lot to setup

6- Klipsch Black Reference Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best wireless theatre pack for medium space.


This home theatre kit is packed with superior cinematic capacity that communicates remarkable sound proficiency in the comfort of your personal space.

The package comprises a wireless transmitter, AC power cord, AC power adapter, Speakers, and Subwoofer.

The placement is quite easy with manageable keyholes on the satellite speakers that can be mounted on the wall. The compact sizes and reasonable weight also adds to the portability.

Its IMG woofers are expertly assembled that produce each tune without the hint of distortion and the lightweight structure gives rise to moderate frequency response.

The speakers are stuffed with Linear Travel Suspension aluminum tweeters that ensure the much-needed clarity in dialogue delivery while maintaining the accuracy of mid and low ranges.

Though the speakers are tiny when compressed together for a sound effect, they do their job.

To embark the most natural sound as essential to the uplift theatrical experience, this system carries horn-loaded power of the special tractrix horn technology for dynamic sound provision.

To present high-quality movies with a realistic approach, its down-firing subwoofer is qualified for the low-frequency response range.

Since it is wireless, the 2.4GHz connectivity capacity goes smooth for day-to-day sound performance.

Klipsch Black Reference can be paired with any AV receiver and the 5.1 channel system supports the idea of a room-filling surround sound.

The bass is also intriguing enough with minimal footprint and maximum power disposition to maintain the mood of cinematic ambiance.

We suggest you go for it only if your space for the home theatre system is limited because it cannot perform substantially for relatively large rooms.


  • Tractrix horn technology feature
  • Linear travel suspension aluminum tweeters
  • It is wireless
  • Easy to set up with flexible keyhole structure
  • Great for small and medium rooms
  • All digital amplifier with 150W peak power
  • 5-year warranty card


  • The center channel is a little muddy 
  • The bass is average

7- Onkyo HT-S3910 Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

This is an easy-to-install home theatre package for around $600.


Onkyo theatre package includes the goodness of 4 surround speakers, front/center speakers, subwoofer, remote control, and a receiver.

It is boosted with the most celebrated 4K Ultra HD theme that works on the blueprint of producing enhanced stereo sound and neat video; totally up to the mark of the cinematic layout.

Moreover, it is also qualified with 4:4:4 color space to enjoy high-end cinematic-charged films and straight-forward cut the crap of subsampling in stimulated images.

The elaborated sound pitches are evident from its smart built 4 surround speakers and front/center speaker that downright eliminate the need for a rear speaker for promoting sound backup.

The bass show-off is a bit moderate for this price point but the engaging treble covers it well.

The two easily offered connectivity technology options are Bluetooth and USB, you can smoothly switch between the two depending upon your space set.

The maximum output wattage is 150W which almost does justice to the overall audio representation, it can get suitably high for a more fulfilling experience.

It’s so lightweight hence the setup is a breeze plus the prominent formation adds a hint of grace in the surrounding.

This 5-channel Onkyo theatre system is capable of bringing in the ultimate sonic sensation in your dull and boring TV lounge.

Its Dolby Atmos height virtualizer feature helps in amplifying the sound from the source for an increased dynamic surround impact.

The quality and overall performance are reasonable at this average price plus it can be a great upgrade to your everyday striving TV.


  • It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital
  • Ready for 4K HDR entertainment
  • It is configured with 4:4:4 color space
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless streaming
  • Dolby Atmos height virtualizer for added effect
  • 155 watts power output per channel


  • The subwoofer could be better 
  • Little expensive 

8- Polk Audio TL1600 Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is a good theatre system for small-scale Ultra HD presentations.


Here we go with another Polk Audio pick that is a multi-room surround sound home theatre system with above-average sound execution at a meager price point.

This 6-pieces makeshift theatre package includes 6 TLI satellite speakers, a Center channel speaker, and a Subwoofer.

With the horizontal mounting type, it can take a little extra space for the setup but it’s worth the final sound engagement you will receive to enjoy a weekend movie with your family.

It comes with a Denon stereo receiver that burns on 140W power per channel to generate clear sound and focused images in the company of 4:4:4 subsampling.

The channel configuration is 5.1 which pairs ideally with any 4K Ultra HD TV to create a rhetoric home theatre system in minimal investment.

The dynamic drivers and silk dome tweeter in the satellite speakers stress generously on the much-regarded provision of realistic sound staging to carry out the legacy of superior theatrical composition.

The satellite speakers work fine to tune in deep bass continuously for an impactful experience.

The conjunction with the Denon link paves the way for an expanded digital playback streaming with popular options like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal.

The down-firing subwoofer keeps 5-way binding posts with plastic caps and provides a maximum frequency response rate of 22KHz but it sometimes beats with a strange buzzing sound.


  • 4:4:4 pure color sub sampling
  • Denon’s on-screen setup assistant
  • Multi digital streaming service for playback
  • Time lens technology aligns the drivers
  • 5-years warranty card


  • The center speaker crackles
  • The speaker wires are not added to the package 

9- Nyne NHT5.1RGB 5.1 Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best beginner’s home theatre system at an affordable price under $200.


Nyne NHT theatre kit involves a set of 7 pieces: 2 full-range front speakers, 2 full-range rear speakers, Center Channel, Subwoofer, and Volume control.

It weighs around 30 pounds for all the components so the process of setting it up is not at all tiresome and the end result is also worth all the little effort. 

The small theatre package is always up for portable moving for an immediate event setup.

The 8” inches subwoofer and the 6” inches passive radiator together procure a stream of qualified music that entails all the major conditions of heavy bass and clear tunes.

The wireless remote control has further simplified the art of managing the settings more easily, maintaining the distance of comfort.

The 5.1 channel surround system work in the air of 5 powerful speakers to showcase encouraging stereo sound while being connected both with the TV and the receiver.

The connectivity of this theatre system with TV or other source devices is possible through the following options: Bluetooth, RCA, and USB.

However, the recommended sources to channel the cinematic streaming are Smartphones and Tablets.

If you are a pure beginner in elevating home entertainment from scratch, this package is for you. 

Priced at the jaw-dropping rate of just under $200, you will not feel the pain of investing at a high and risky cost.

The LCD digital display empowers multicolor illumination to give rise to a vibrant atmosphere amidst the entertainment dose.

On a lighter note, it sounds pretty amazing for this price and even if it does soon, you will have no regret bringing it in in the first place.


  • Smart LCD Digital Display
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System
  • Bluetooth speakers for seamless streaming
  • Active subwoofer with passive radiator
  • USB and SD ports for fast connection
  • Built-in preset EQ function


  • No power cord included for charging
  • User Manual requires description clarity

10- LG LHD657 Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best home theatre system for an extra loud sound.


LG LHD657 home theatre system weighs around 60 pounds as a package which can get a bit tiring to set up if you do it individually without any help.

Looks-wise, this is a stylish home theatre system that instantly becomes a part of any space type rather than making it seem and feel better than before. Indeed, it looks like a product of above $1000 than being under $500.

It is integrated with a 5.1 channel system that tends to deliver sufficiently amazing sound if you are not an audiophile and want to inspect its stamina going too deep. 

Its subwoofer is power-packed with genius neodymium magnets that stimulate it to propagate a rather crisp sound with immersive cinematic loudness. 

LG has made sure to satisfy the bass lovers with the system’s panoramic punchy bass, accelerated with the explicit sound matrix. 

From Smartphone to TV, this theatre system welcomes any audio source type to ultimately become a source of pure homemade theatre setup.

Using the USB playback feature, you can stream and enjoy movies directly from your USB, better in the case of old movies.

The 1000W power output and 214-volt cord have strengthened its stamina to perform like a pro, keeping in view the standards of cinematic demonstration. 

With the unique feature of radio and FM, you will get to enjoy new horizons of entertainment.

Given the in-budget price factor, you should not miss the chance of pairing it with your devices.

The cables included in the package are quite big in size so using them for speakers is very easy but it would have been better if it was wireless.


  • Region Free Home Theatre System
  • LG audio karaoke function
  • LG micro and mini audio
  • Sleek and stylish display structure
  • It is easy to set up


  • The Bluetooth connection troubles
  • Instructions are not clear enough

11- Jamo Studio Series S 803 HCS-BLK Home Theater System

Best for:

It is the best compact and visually appealing home theatre system for beginners.


Jamo presents a Bookshelf theatre system with the fine formation in black color that indicates it has got both beauty and brains. The experts have used magnetic woven-like grilles in the layout that stands out in advocating its beautiful appearance.

It is available in two interesting colors: Heather grey with white models, Charcoal grey with black models.

This 5.0 channel smart home theatre kit includes 2 Bookshelf Speakers, Center Channel Speaker, and 2 Surround Sound speakers to complement the need for an urgent arrangement.

This is a compact package to get you started for small space setups on a user-friendly budget of just under $500.

Since the speakers are Dolby Atmos ready, you will experience truly cinematic surround sound with the increased power of precision and neatness. It makes you feel like you are sitting in a theatre.

For installation, you can make use of front-firing tube ports that help in the placement against the wall or you can put these in the cabinets too, your wish to decorate them anyway for a perfect yet theatrical view.

The system is equipped with special Studio 8 waveguide technology that is responsible for generating thumping bass, louder volume, and enhanced treble.

The center channel is a bit slower than the other speakers but it can be upgraded if you are satisfied with the other pieces. Plus, you can also buy an individual subwoofer to complement the lack of detail.

The performance can be too bright for people seeking a somewhat flat composition but if you are not an audiophile, you should not mind it.


  • Easy to install
  • Dolby Atmos favored speakers
  • Studio 8 waveguide technology
  • Good price for 5 pieces system
  • Available in two color themes
  • Beautiful layout and construction


  • Center channel needs improvement 

12- Fluance Elite Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

This is the most stunning home theatre system under $500.


Fluance surround sound system introduces a highly classical and stunning home theatre system in white color that blends amazingly in any space. However, the color brown and black are also available but the white color in a dark room elevates the surroundings while having pure theatre fun.

The white color background is perfected with a black ash finish and the high-end construction using MDF wood has added years to its life.

This structure type ensures minimum cabinet resonance and prolonged homemade performance for years to come.

This 5.0 channel system comprises of 2-floor standing tower speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, and a center channel that collectively publishes enveloped cinematic sound. 

The Fluance experts have tried their best in disseminating immersive power in all speakers that provoke clear sound, balanced vocals, and rich bass.

Its leveraging speaker towers are packed with dual woofers of 6.5” inches each that create an air of sonic accuracy in the rich layers of sufficient volume.

The skillful integration of silk dome tweeters and high dynamic drivers stimulate the system towards engaging sound staging, occupied with lifelike effects.

Your interest in the movies and music will be strengthened with soaring highs, neutral midranges, and rich lows.

You can keep the expectations high for regular movie and gaming sessions but for stereo sound coverage, don’t test it like an audiophile.

For this price, you are getting a good system with sturdily built up and that’s what matters in the long run.


  • Timbre matched 5 speaker system
  • Neodymium balanced silk some tweeters
  • Powerful dual 6.5” inches woofers
  • MDF wood constructor for minimum resonance
  • Lifetime warranty and customer support
  • Easy to install


  • The bass is average

13- LG BH5140S Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best 3D Blu-ray home theatre system.


For premium watching, this Blu-ray theatre system has made access easy to online content services like Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, and Netflix, etc.

Since LG is an experienced brand in the field of technology, the LG experts have incorporated various LG apps in this system through which you can customize your theatre experience.

It supports 1080p resolution that aids in the establishment of 3D surround audio and visual performance.

LG home theatre system comprises several powerful surround speakers, a perfectly tuned subwoofer, and a smart receiver.

The system works on the power output of 500W that generates enough surround sound, even from the head. The room becomes a pure imitation of top-notch theatre that you start doubting if you are sitting in your home.

The bass depth is surprisingly too much to comprehend in the first few minutes and gradually you will love it. Yet again, the audiophiles might disagree at this point but this is not a high-scale package for big rooms.

It can also be used as a backup theatre system or to set up only for gaming.

The added remote control eases the process of channeling changes in the volume and performance without moving you close to the system.

If reluctant in giving it a kick of try, consider a year-long warranty card that can refund you all the risked money but this package genuinely values your interest.


  • It is DLNA compatible
  • Easy to install because it is lightweight
  • Supported with 1080p resolution for 3D configuration
  • Enhanced power wattage of 500W
  • Smart Blu-ray home theatre system
  • Great for small room

14- Klipsch Synergy B200 Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best easy to set up home theatre system.


Klipsch Synergy 5.1 channel home theatre kit is composed of the following top-notch pieces: two B-200 Bookshelf speakers, one C-200 Center Channel, two B-100 Bookshelf speakers, and one Sub-100 subwoofer.

The floor-standing mounting type with bookshelf speakers allows an easy home integration in whatever way you want plus the sound is also distributed from a broader blow, enclosing the complete surrounding for a fuller effect.

The dramatic layout uses high-quality and durable material with the remarkable finishing of black ash vinyl that imparts it a soothing touch to go with any interior and surroundings.

The powerful 10” inches spun front-firing subwoofer is readied with Klipsch proprietary technology to distribute highly immersive and cinema-driven sound. 

Also, its all-digital amplifier churns out efficient and clean audio output that is free of background distortion.

Its smart design has been assembled to draw less energy but releases more power in the form of clear-cut sound and detailed tunes.

The IMG woofers call for a heavier bass but with a balanced influence that does not cause the ears to bleed.

The aluminum tweeter with diaphragm compression promotes the flow of rich frequencies, with the required intensity in every note.

Moreover, the liner suspension technology invites minimum rhythm distortion amidst your favorite 3D movie.


  • Power-packed with Tractrix horn technology
  • Durable construction with black ash vinyl finish
  • The system is qualified with Klipsch proprietary technology
  • 5.1 channel surround sound theatre kit
  • Liner travel suspension technology


  • Stereo wire is not included

15- Harman Kardon Best Home Theater System Under 500

Best for:

It is the best home theatre kit for full spectrum surround sound under $700.


This is the only home theatre package in this list that has a slightly higher price than the suggested criteria because of its supreme power fidelity.

Harman Kardon experts have designed this theatre-matched sound system especially to cater to the living room services for occasional fun.

The pattern of the loudspeakers is as: one Center speaker, two left and right Surround speakers, and two left and right front speakers.

This homemade-effective theatre system encloses the stamina of 5 potent satellite speakers that put forward the wattage output of around 120 watts each.

 Besides, the downward-firing subwoofer strives to complement the full potential of every type of source device, from your TV to DVD, Blu-ray, and gaming console.

The subwoofer is merged with phase switches and bass boost control so that you can customize the sound system to your preferred taste.

All these speakers are secured with a magnetic shield to avoid interference and combat the damage of the source device such as your TV.

However, the 5.1 channel system collectively contributes towards the institution of accurate audio reproduction.

If you want to establish a broad-scale theatre system for an extended area room, you can upgrade the very theatre system into a better version by adding a few more speakers into it.

The whole system in the form of a complete package weighs just 20 pounds which is quite lightweight in comparison to many other theatre systems and hence it aids as portability.

As far as the installation is concerned, it is surely time taking because of the mounting brackets that take too long to make sense.


  • 4 two-way powerful satellite speakers with 120w power
  • It can be mounted on wall
  • 200 watts downward-firing subwoofer
  • Adjustable bass boost
  • 360 degree surround sound environment


  • Setting it up takes a lot of time and effort

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Home Theatre System

The $500 price range indicates that you can be a first-time home theatre user and purchaser with almost zero to minimum background knowledge who can have a hard time deciding among several options. So here you go with this genuinely-put buying guide that will surely give you a thoughtful insight into picking the right home theatre package depending upon your needs.

1- Sound Quality

The final performance of any home theatre kit can be estimated from its total power output that should fall somewhere between 150 watts to 500 watts. Though it can also be as low as 50 watts and as high as 1000 watt, you should commensurate this point with your needs for the system. Also, look for Dolby and DTS support to enjoy a fully cinematic composition with a loud sound.

2- Audio Channels

The audio channels represent the number of pieces you will get in a package. These can be 3.1, 4, 4.1, 5, 5.1, and even 7.1. Depending upon how small or large-scale theatre system you want to build up, you will need to decide on the required audio channels accordingly. For instance, a 5.1 channel system is the most preferred option for anyone who is a beginner or someone who just wants a moderate performance, not too overpowering.

This will include 5 speakers (two surround, two front, center) and a subwoofer. In the $500 price range, you will get a good stereo surround sound 5.1 channel system that can later be upgraded to 7.1 with an addition of two more speakers. It will be well equipped to cover the necessities of a great sound staging. Plus also as a beginner, the wise approach will be to start with a small setup first.

3- Installation 

The installation may or may not be an area of consideration for you. There are two types of theatre systems: mountable or floor-standing. The wall-mountable speaker system requires lots of hard work while playing with the mount brackets or struggling with the holes and thread.

On the other hand, the bookshelf-designed floor-standing speaker system just needs an unboxing and some space to stand still. However, it also can give you a headache during the wire attachment if your system is not completely wireless. Before buying any system, make sure the company has added a user manual page to help you with this hectic process.

As a side note, you already know about the budget here that can be anything under $500, $400, or $300. For an even better experience, we have also added a few systems that can cost you above $500 because those are worth a try.


All these reviews throw light on our hours of hard work that went in trying and testing each theatre system turn by turn plus evaluating the online customer reviews to provide you with genuine knowledge and guidance. After all, the motive is to save your time and money from going to waste. Happy shopping for your home cinema!

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