How to Connect Bose Speakers to Computer and Laptop

We live in a day and age where everything is quick and compact. Technology has progressed so much that now we not only have a shortcut for everything but we also have made things more compact and handy. Televisions are mostly replaced by laptops and computers now. These laptops and computers are not only our working stations but also our entertainment partners.

And nothing can disturb a nice entertaining session more than bad audio quality. It not only ruins the thing we are watching but also spoils the mood. It is annoying and frustrating to deal with audio problems. But no worries, because Bose speakers are here to save you from any audio issue. Known to be the best speaker in the market, Bose has established a good reputation. It is trusted by a lot of customers and is always one of the most recommended speakers in the market.

Bose ensures that your audio issues are not only resolved but you also get an enhanced audio experience to alleviate your entertainment session. 

However, connecting your Bose speakers to your laptop or computer for the first time may prove to be a hassle or a bit of a confusing process. 

Here is a detailed guide on how you can connect your Bose speakers to both your computer and laptop. 

How to Connect Bose Speakers to Computer and Laptop

Connecting the Bose Speaker to Laptop:

Following are the steps through which you can connect your Bose Speakers to the laptop:

  • Press the power button on the Bose speaker till the light turns blue or red and starts blinking. 
  • Then go to the settings of your laptop.
  • Look for BlueTooth settings.
  • Turn on the BlueTooth.
  • Look for the connection of the speaker.
  • Pair the laptop with the speaker.

Now the laptop is connected to the speaker so enjoy. 

Connecting Bose Speaker to the Computer:

Following are the steps through which you can connect your Bose speakers to the Computer:

  • Turn on your PC.
  • Turn on Bluetooth through settings.
  • Pair Bose speakers to the PC via Bluetooth.
  • Wait till the light on the speakers turns white.
  • If not this, then you can also download the Bose SoundTech program on your PC and connect the speakers through it. 


Bose speakers are one of the best speakers in the market. And their sound quality speaks for itself. One does not need to worry about audio-related issues if they have Bose speakers. Because Bose speakers ensure that nothing disturbs you while you watch something. 

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