Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV

Are you looking for the best budget soundbar for your Samsung TV but hundreds of options in the market are making you all confused and annoyed, then you have just come to the right place.

Keeping in mind all of your requirements and standard budget, here I have shortlisted the top 11 soundbars that perform excellent regarding quality.

They have one of the best reasonable prices and also premium quality materials have made them surpass durability. So, if you used to think that exceptional quality is only associated with high prices, then throw such thoughts away and stay tuned till the end of this article.

I really hope that by the end of this article, you will find out your ideal best budget soundbar, so without wasting any time let’s get straight into it.

Top 11 Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV In 2022

Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV

1. Samsung Best Budget Soundbar For TV


Model nameHome theatre system
Best connectivity technologyBluetooth
Speaker typeSoundbar
Recommended usesFor televisions


Samsung HW-T450 is an elite soundbar not only for its performance but also regarding its price.

This crazy soundbar is armed with crazy components that let you watch TV like never before.

You might be curious to know what the features I am talking about are! So, without any further delays, here you go!

This brilliant soundbar is equipped with an ultimate smartness as it can detect what type of show you are watching on TV, either it is a power-packed action scene or just based on quiet delivery

of dialogues. It is well-engineered to optimize the sound settings and provides clear-cut audio that fits perfectly to the actions you are watching. Not too exaggerated nor too low.

Furthermore, there is just a single remote capable of performing several functions whether its volume, power or sound effects, Samsung TV remote is all that you need. Just connect your gaming console to this soundbar and it will give you a real-life experience.

Wireless subwoofers throw terrific bass that will make you feel every action and acknowledge every beat.

To experience all of this there must be legit connectivity options, right? No worries, just make sure that both your TV and soundbar are Bluetooth enabled and enjoy the weekend without spending hours dealing with entangled wires.


  • Dolby enabled
  • Excellent game mode
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Customized sound
  • Ultra-deep and rich bass


  • Doesn’t have an HDMI arc port

2. Polk Audio Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


BrandPolk Audio
Model nameSIGNA S2
Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyWireless, HDMI
Recommended usesFor Surround Sound Systems, Televisions, Smartphones or Tablets


If you are looking for the best budget soundbar for your Samsung TV, then Polk Audio Signa S2 might be the one. Powered by spectacular specifications and sleek and smooth design, you will love to have this one in your home right at the moment you see it.

Firstly, it is empowered with the Dolby Digital Decoding phenomenon that tends to create a room filled with immersive, highly filtered audio that you will be thrilled with. Polk adjusts technology to personalize the sound levels according to the actions being played on TV.

So, when they are screaming you will scream and if they are portraying an inspirational character on TV, you will definitely want to be the one, the impact is that powerful.

Moving on to compatibility, Polk Audio Signa S2 is designed to work efficiently with 4k and HD TVs. There is a wireless subwoofer that reproduces the impactful bass that untwists the merged beats and makes you feel the bass in detail.

They provide universal input options like HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical cable for your ease and to make installation super easy. Bluetooth allows smooth streaming of your favorite soundtracks directly from your smartphones, tablet, and other devices.


  • Compatible with 4k HD TVs
  • Universal connectivity options
  • Ultra-slim configuration
  • Efficient Dolby Digital decoding
  • Affordable price


  • No display screen is available
  • Shut off automatically after a few minutes

3. Majority Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


Connectivity technologyBluetooth, Auxiliary, RCA, USB
Special featureSubwoofer
Mounting typeTabletop
Recommended usesFor Gaming Consoles, Televisions, Computers


Majority Bowfell is a highly compact-sized soundbar that can fit any medium-size table conveniently, so you don’t have to worry about space. This small size has packed great elements inside that make it worthy to be listed among the top soundbars.

The majority show great compatibility not only with Samsung TV but also with your smartphones and computer. The connectivity can be easily built by using Optical input, Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary port, and RCA input. Just with the assistance of a single remote, that is super easy to use and highly functional.

To provide you with hi-fi enthusiast sound quality, it allows you to choose its 3 significant modes on your own to customize acoustics. Types of modes included in this soundbar are music mode, movies, and dialogue mode that you can use based on the type of subject. Also, it has a small built-in subwoofer that bursts out with powerful bass delivering a breathtaking theatre sound experience with the power up to 50 watts your way.


  • Compact and slim design
  • Built-in powerful subwoofers
  • Easy to operate
  • Three amazing sound modes
  • The high output power of 50 watts


  • Not very compatible with optical cable
  • Sound quality can be better

4. TCL Alto 6 Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyBluetooth
Model nameTS6100-NA
Recommended usesFor Surround Sound Systems, Televisions, Smartphones or Tablets


TCL Alto is a perfect blend of impressive sound quality, durability, and affordability, highly qualified to be called as best budget soundbar in the town.

Let’s explore its fantastic features that work together to deliver an incredibly cinematic sound experience your way.

Starting off with a boss feature that is Dolby digital decoding. This fantabulous factor tends to

optimize the sound clarity and create a highly immersive room-filling surround sound loud and clear enough to leave you in awe. Because the quality of sound that it produces is just incredibly refined, detailed, and loud.

Moreover, it is equipped with several sound modes that will enhance your experience substantially. There is music mode, movies mode to make every scene more impactful and real to make you feel every dialogue, explosion, action flawlessly. Also, you can enjoy seamless streaming by pairing up the Bluetooth of both devices.

For hassle-free and quick setup, it provides you with multiple connectivity options including HDMI, AUX, USB, Optical, and Bluetooth, and lets you enjoy the ride right out of the box.


  • The output power of 120 Watts
  • Impressive sound modes
  • True to money
  • Roku TV ready
  • Booming bass
  • Hassle-free assembly


  • Doesn’t provide any room correction

5. PHEANOO Best Budget Soundbar For TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyBluetooth, Auxiliary, HDMI, RCA, and USB
Model nameD5
Recommended usesFor televisions


When it comes to premium and low-budget soundbars, Pheanoo is complete madness. It boosts up your TV audio performance and transforms it ultimately into highly refined and powerful bass.

Let’s see what are the things that made it to the top.

The most valuable member of this 2.1 ch soundbar is its immensely zealous 5.25 inches subwoofer that works to drive up the bass. The moment you turn it on, it explodes with clear and rich bass filling the whole room.

Moving towards another impressive feature is tuned dialogue mode that tends to deliver supremely crisp and clear-cut audio. In addition to this, there are other multiple EQ presets working to bring valuable experience your way. These modes include movie mode, 3D-three dimensional mode, music mode. You can adjust any mode based on the requirement of what you are watching on TV or how you like the sound quality to be.

Apart from the quality of the sound, a quality connection also plays a huge role and Pheanoo has utterly taken care of it. Connectivity options that this soundbar provides include Bluetooth that assists you in the extreme in effortless streaming to your favorite services like Spotify and Pandora. This can be achieved by connecting your smartphone or tablet to the soundbar.

The rest of the input options are HDMI arc, auxiliary, RCA, and optical. It has a highly functional remote control that allows you to take full control of the soundbar. Also, you can press the indicator button installed on the remote that will disable the LED lights that can be itchy to the eyes at night.

For gamers, it is just a jaw-dropping device that eliminates the need to go gaming parlor every weekend to play realistically. Because it produces the sound quality that wraps up the whole room with its wonderful acoustic effects. Every shot, every win, and every level would feel real and extremely entertaining.

Also, it has a detachable design including an audio input port and audio connector that you need to join together to make it work.


  • Ultra-high power of 200 watts
  • Detachable design
  • Dynamic subwoofers
  • Multiple EQ presets
  • Wall mountable
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Sound start distorting on higher volumes

6. Samsung HW-A450/ZA Budget Soundbar For TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyUSB, Bluetooth
Model nameA450
Recommended usesFor TVs


Listen up gamers! You can turn your Samsung TV hall into a full-fledged gaming room by bringing Samsung HW-A450/ZA to your home. Got you excited, right?

Let’s have a look at some of its outstanding features.

There is a dynamic subwoofer assisting the soundbar and tends to give out a highly strong, electrifying, and deep bass right out of the box. Press a button present on the soundbar if you want to uplift the power of the bass further, we call it an instant boost.

With adaptive sound, the lite technology feature provides improved audio quality and optimizes it according to the program that you are watching. Be it a hackathon, sports event, a thrilling movie, or nature soundtrack, everything will sound up to the mark and realistic. What actually it does is that it keeps consistent volume control balanced with background music and releases a highly precise sound quality.

Connect your gaming consoles to your TV and reinforce your gaming experience with the audio that flows in every direction, every corner of the room equally. This directional audio moves with on-screen action and minimizes the distortion and chances of several glitches. You can control this full-featured soundbar and Samsung TV merely with one remote.

It also provides you with the option to connect rear speakers with the soundbar, in case you want to level up the bass. The best thing about these optional rear speakers is that they are wireless and you won’t have to deal with the cluttering wires. Also, make sure that your TV is Bluetooth enabled so that you won’t have any problem regarding connectivity.


  • Graphic equalizer
  • Number of EQ presets available
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Dolby enabled
  • Minimize distortion


  • Doesn’t facilitate Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay, or Chromecast

7. BESTISAN Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyAuxiliary, RCA, Bluetooth
Model nameS9920
Recommended usesFor TVs


Power up Bestisan 100 Watt budget Soundbar and it will take the audio outcome to a whole new level compared to your TV speakers. With the incredible clarity produced by its speakers, you can hear even those murmuring whispers clearly and accurately.

Bestisan doesn’t produce cinematic audio effects because it is a whole mini cinema itself. Its components include 2 powerful tweeters along with 4 full-range speakers and 2 bass reflex tubes that blow up phenomenally. The bass is crystal clear, dialogues have clarity and the audio is extremely immersive and smooth without any glitches.

Three appealing sound modes include dialogue mode, movie mode, and music mode that doesn’t let every action sound at a constant pace. It blows up when you are watching action, it leaves a strong impact of moral movies on its viewers by producing this level of impressive sound quality.

To build a stable connection and enjoy wireless streaming, pair up the Bluetooth of your smartphone with the soundbar. The Bluetooth version that is available is 5.0 and it can work efficiently within an area of 33 feet. There are also several wired input options that you can avail including line-in, RCA, optical, and USB.


  • Adjustable treble and bass
  • Audio reset settings
  • Quality connectivity options
  • High powered components
  • 3 EQ preset settings
  • Universal remote
  • Incredible sound
  • Budget-friendly


  • Remote reset system is a little risky
  • Few people want the sound to be louder

8. Sony HT-S350 Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Connectivity technologyBluetooth, HDMI
Model nameHT-S350
Recommended usesFor Surround Sound Systems, Televisions, Smartphones or Tablets


The Sony HT-S350 budget Soundbar is capable of giving a major boost to movies and games or whatever you are watching on your Samsung TV. This mini soundbar can generate a bigger output of up to 320 watts that surrounds the whole room instantly. This level of sound delivers exceptional clarity and volume that is required to bring a realistic experience.

Moving on to its features,

This 2.1 ch soundbar has a wireless subwoofer that tends to produce resonating lows and the soundbar produces clear-cut mid and high frequencies. Another startling technology is voice enhancement technology that is capable of making sound ultra-clear and unambiguous to make you hear every dialogue accurately.

Next comes its fabrication,

Both soundbar and subwoofer are made up of premium quality materials with the finest metal finishing on their front panels. This beautifully crafted device adds a luxurious look to your living or hall or wherever you place it, it will blend with the other furniture staples gracefully.


You can create a quality connection between the soundbar and TV via HDMI arc and in case your TV doesn’t support HDMI then optical input works as a great alternative. With S-force pro front surround technology, you can hear the side coming from everywhere. By reproducing bass, it throws sound above your head, on the floor, and from one corner to another, you can feel it moving without the assistance of rear speakers.

As this device is exceptional, sound modes are also vast in number. There are seven sound modes that you will encounter i-e cinema mode, sports mode, game studio mode, news mode, etc.


  • Quick and easy set up
  • 7 sound modes
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly appealing subwoofer
  • Beautifully crafted


  • The sound sometimes lose control on increased volume levels
  • Limited input options

9. Wohome Budget Soundbar For Samsung TV


Connectivity technologyRCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI
Special featureSubwoofer
Mounting typeWall mount
Audio output modeStereo, surround


Wohome Sound Bar S88- a 50-watt audio stereo mini-theatre that will ultimately make you feel like your couch is your theatre chair and your TV has transformed into a big fascinating screen.


Wohome has an ultra-slim, unique, classy, and compact design with a length of up to 20 inches and height up to 2.5 inches. It can perfectly fit under your desktop monitor, TV or you can either mount it on the wall and place it on the cabinet, it will always look presentable.

It is made up of superior ABS material along with a mesh cover made up of metal that imparts immense durability to the soundbar.

Moving on to its components,

It has a built-in bass reflex tube and 2 high-powered full-range speakers capable of producing an immensely clear and powerful bass with minor details. So whether you are watching movies or playing games, news, or documentaries, the sound would surround the whole room with the vibe.

This 3D surround sound system provides DSP technology for marvelous clarity and high accuracy that supports multi-dimensional surround sound. It further provides 3 EQ modes i-e dialogue mode makes sure that you hear each and every dialogue clearly. Movie mode is designed to create an incredible surround sound and let you enjoy a dynamic theatre-like experience right from your couch.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology lets you enjoy wireless streaming to your favorite apps from your tablets, smartphones, and PCs within an area of 30 feet. It also tends to work with Amazon Echo by building a quality Bluetooth connection. Wired input options include Coaxial, HDMI arc, optical, AUX, RCA, and USB.

A highly functional remote control works accurately within an area of 4-6 m and allows you to control everything with the buttons installed into it. Plus, the HDMI arc connection is capable of supporting universal or TV remotes to control volume and turn on and off conveniently.


  • Powerful audio
  • 3 EQ modes
  • High-end DSP technology
  • Classy and compact design
  • Both wireless and wired connections


  • Quality can be improved more

10. YAMAHA SR-C20A Soundbar For Samsung TV


Connectivity typeBluetooth
Speaker technologySoundbar
Model nameSR-C20ABL
Recommended usesFor smartphones and tablets


Yamaha SR-C20A is a true definition of a budget soundbar with a compact size that can easily fit anywhere and can also be wall-mounted letting you save a lot of space. The length of this spectacular soundbar is just 23 inches with a height of 2 ½ inches.

It is equipped with a built-in subwoofer along with two passive radiators that when turned on, t feel like a blast. The sound is ultra-powerful, the bass is extremely rich and detailed and if you want to give a further boost to it, bass extension is the option.

Virtual surround sound creates a mesmerizing experience for everyone sitting in the room watching TV whether you are playing a game or watching a movie. Plus, this soundbar provides an upgraded and enhanced vocal frequency range that makes sure that you hear every dialogue with optimized clarity.

Sound modes incorporate stereo mode, a standard sound mode that can be used for everyday use, movie mode to bring precision in dialogue delivery with minimum distortion, and gaming mode.

Input resources include HDMI, optical and Auxiliary along with wireless Bluetooth streaming. Also, it comes with built-in keyholes so that you can mount them on the wall conveniently.


  • Easy setup
  • Several sound modes
  • Highly compact and elegant
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Clear dialogue delivery


  • Bass is not that strong

11. Samsung HW-Q600A Best Budget Soundbar For TV


Speaker typeSoundbar
Model nameHW-Q600A
Recommended usesFor surround sound systems
Special featureQ-Symphony, Adaptive Sound Mode, Game Pro Mode, Samsung Acoustic Beam, True 3.1.2ch Sound, Dolby Atmos/DTS:X


Samsung HW-Q600A is a Q-symphony soundbar that is a perfect match for QLED TVs. It works in perfect harmony with Samsung TV and adds crispiness to the level of sound produced solely by speakers. To enable Q-symphony, the soundbar must be connected to the TV via HDMI.

The availability of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X creates a highly immersive three-dimensional surround sound that envelops the whole room by its awe-inspiring performance. You can sense the exceptional sound traveling on the floor, in front, above head, behind, to the sides, and everywhere around you.

It is a whole squad consisting of 3 channels including 2 up-firing channels and 1 subwoofer and all work together to create a wonderful experience for its listeners. Furthermore, this soundbar enhances the voice clarity by smartly optimizing the audio for the kind of action being played on the screen i-e sports, movies, games, etc.

Samsung acoustic beam technology features a panoramic sound that dynamically moves with the action playing on-screen and takes you to the depth of the acoustics. Also, the crosstalk cancellation phenomenon cuts out all the unnecessary voices behind it and minimizes distortions. With only one versatile remote, you can take the hold of both Samsung TV and soundbar.

You have an option of wireless rear Samsung speakers also in case you want the audio to get louder without messing up with wires.


  • Quality Q-symphony
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enabled
  • Acoustic beam technology
  • Booming bass
  • Single yet reliable remote control


  • The sound might feel a little lacking

Buying Guide About The
Best Budget Soundbar For Samsung Tv:

When you are going to buy any product, the plethora of the same kind of products hits you hard. Every product looks the same but offers multiple kinds of features and is made up of different materials. You look for budget-friendly options but don’t feel sure about the quality. This whole process is a series of frustration and continuous confusion.

We can not assume this investment to be that small, right? So risk can’t be taken. There are several elements that it is mandatory to have a brief knowledge about and they will help you to land right at your ideal product. Keeping in mind all of the expected requirements and to avoid all these kinds of circumstances, Here I have narrowed down a few fundamental features that you need to consider before making any deal.

Quality of sound:

No matter how reasonable, there should not be any compromise on the quality of sound. If you are seeking to buy any soundbar for your home, then firstly, contemplate the feel and loudness of the sound before undertaking the investment. Check out the sound properly, either if it sounds shrill to your ears giving you a headache, or despite being loud it feels calm and soothing to your ears. Make sure that the dialogues are delivered clearly without any hum and feel crispy and detailed.

Dolby Atmos and DTS X:

If you want your sound to be more immersive and capable of creating a virtual surround sound, then Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are must-have features. No matter if you are looking for an affordable soundbar, you can still find an ideal one equipped with these technologies.

These technologies create a wide soundstage and are potent enough to make every corner of the room a sweet spot for the listener. No matter where you sit in the TV room, it always sounds like you are sitting in its front.

Input options:

There are a lot of connectivity options that you can avail keeping in mind the compatibility of your TV and soundbar. More options more would be convenient and if one input option doesn’t work out, you still have other options to try out.

Most popular and convenient input options that these soundbars offer you are HDMI arc, auxiliary, optical, RCA, and much more. Also, there are soundbars equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whose compatibility totally depends on your TV. Either it is compatible with wireless options or wired options, it all depends on options that your TV approves.

Check out if your TV is composed of such options and then make a go.


The most impressive thing about soundbars is that they are very space-saving. On the other hand, this feature requires your approval and is based on your preferences. If you like wireless soundbars, then a compact, wall-mounted soundbar will work great for you.

On the other hand, if you like to have wired soundbars, then you would have to be prepared to deal with the cluttering of wires and assign a lot of space for them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best budget soundbar for Samsung TV?

There are a lot of elite soundbars that can be feasible with Samsung TVs but Samsung HW-A450 seems to be the most premium option that you can avail of on a low budget. It comes with exceptional features that will make you experience theatre-like audio at a reasonable price.

2. What is the purpose of sound modes?

Sound modes help the soundbar to detect the type of audio playing on-screen and then optimize the audio according to it. They also prevent playing all the sounds at the same pace and roar at action scenes and during podcasts, it will make you feel like hearing the speaker standing right at the front of you.

3. What are the two most compatible soundbars for Samsung TV?

Samsung and Wohome soundbars seem viable options from the above-mentioned options. They are equipped with amazing features and show great compatibility with Samsung TV.


Have you found out your ideal, best budget soundbar for Samsung tv, or are still feeling bewildered with these options? No need to worry! Just keep reading again and again and understand the features that you really want to have in your soundbar.

Still, if you want more clarity we would be more than happy to help you. Here I am going to mention my top favorite soundbar that you can use as a reference. I hope it will clear all of your doubts and will assist you towards the best one.

Samsung HW-Q600A and TCL Alto 6 2.0 seem great regarding quality, performance, and price and are one of the topmost favorite soundbars of people using Samsung TVs.

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