How To Connect LG Soundbar To Tv

Have you planned a movie night with your family, and are you going to binge-watch your favorite animated movies altogether? Then only the TV sound won’t work. You would need to raise the volume extra loud to enjoy every bit of it, but if your soundbar is poorly connected, there would be a lot of glitches in sound, and a lot of disconnected pauses would ruin your weekend plan. So, if you are wondering how to connect LG soundbar to tv, you have just come to the right place.

LG provides you with many options that you can try however you feel at ease to establish an ideal connection.

How To Connect LG Soundbar To Tv

As there are various ways to connect LG soundbar to TV, methods would also be different. So, I have piled up all the necessary information step by step that you would need to build a proper connection between these two.

How To Connect LG Soundbar To Tv

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with HDMI:

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with HDMI

HDMI is the most convenient and most followed way to connect a soundbar to a TV as it comprises huge bandwidth capable of transferring excess data. HDMI can support high-resolution audio formats, like Dolby Atmos or Dolby true HD. First, check out the compatibility and then go with the process.

To be qualified for connecting LG soundbar to HDMI, the TV should have built-in HDMI-ARC support got its name from “Audio Return Channel” that allows the back and forth transfer of data or audio in both directions.

  • Turn on both the appliances and connect one end of HDMI to the soundbar and the other end to the ARC port on your TV.
  • HDMI ARC provides assistance to connect PS4 and blue ray players to the soundbar also.

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with Optical cable:

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with Optical cable

Before starting, make sure that both of your types of equipment support optical cable. Locate the port on both soundbar and TV labeled as “optical audio output” on TV and “optical audio input” on the soundbar.

  • Check out that both LG soundbar and TV are powered on
  • You need to remove plastic caps to accommodate the optical cable. Otherwise, it gets fitted on either port and probably causes many misunderstandings making you think that either port or cable is damaged.
  • Install one end of the optic cable to your tv and the other end to the soundbar
  • Connection is established now to check the quality of sound and supervise everything precisely.

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with Coaxial cable:

Coaxial cables are similar to optical cable in many ways, but it has eliminated all the chances of interference usually caused by optical cables. It provides more reliable and top-notch quality output, and the connector type is coaxial circular.

  • Check out the support for coaxial cable on the backside of your tv
  • Plug one side of the coaxial cable into the soundbar
  • Insert another end to TV
  • Take final supervision and get an ideal connection

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with AUX cable:

In case of unavailability of HDMI, optical, or other wireless options, you still have an amazing option left, and that is AUX cable, and mostly two types of such cables are used such as 3.5 mm line out or RCA that is capable of transferring data in the form of analog signals rather than digital ones. For 3.5mm line out:

  • Insert one end of the cable to the line out port of a TV
  • Fix the other end of your RCA to AUX port on the soundbar

In case you have RCA:

  • Connect white RCA output socket of TV to the white connector on the cable
  • Plug red socket to the red-colored connector on both TV and soundbar

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with Bluetooth:

Setting up Bluetooth connection is only possible if both the soundbar and tv are LG products as sound sync is the feature that only shows the compatibility of LG products with LG devices, so if you have both, then avail sound sync and enjoy wireless audio streaming.

  • Press the home button on the tv remote, move to settings and then click sound.
  • Choose the “sound out” option and select the “LG sound sync wireless” option
  • Now select device selection until your soundbar shows up on the screen
  • Select the right option, allow pairing, and here you go!

How to connect LG soundbar to TV with headphone jack:

The headphone jack is mostly available in both old traditional and new modern tv models too.

  •  Find out the jack on the soundbar close to the AUX port.
  • Keep in mind that if you see two separate audio line outputs, one is reserved for coaxial cable, wireless, or HDMI, and the other is made for your headphones.
  • Plugin one end of the jack to your LG soundbar
  • Pin the other end of headphone jacks to your TV
  • Check out everything and enjoy the sound.


Your TV provides you with too many options, and every connection has its strength and reliability, and as if there are more than even five options available, you can easily generate a quality connection between LG soundbar and TV conveniently. I hope that this mini read has covered all of the essential and popular ways that can assist you in every way, and all of your queries regarding how to connect LG soundbar to TV have been resolved until the end of this article.

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