Best Wireless Surround Sound System Under 200

One of the perks of living in the 21st century is to be able to enjoy technology at affordable prices. You are missing out on a lot of fun and ease if you are not buying the new-tech electronics that would bring convenience in life.

This article is about installing a wireless cinema in your home. Sounds absurd? But it is absolutely possible, now that the fast-paced technology offers us ‘surround sound systems.

The system lets you experience a theater in your lounge, living room, basement, literally anywhere in your comfortable home. You can have a perfect movie night without even going to the cinema. It is the kind of investment that pays off the rest of the life with fun and excitement.

There has been a lot of improvements and advancement in surround systems since it gained popularity in the 2000s. One of the big innovations is making the system wireless. Would you rather prefer wires over a wireless system? We want you to go for the latter. And after reading this article, you would most likely agree with us.

Best Wireless Surround Sound System Under 200

Wires can be a big hassle. For one it instantly makes your living room look untidy and messy. Unless your home is prewired, the installation becomes time-consuming and costly. You spend half of the time obscuring the tangled wires dangling from the ceiling and the back of your electronics. Not forgetting the risk of tripping over them. Especially in a surround system when the connection is made between the front speakers and the rear speakers, shoving the wires under the carpet can cause damage.

For the ultimate cinematic experience, we prefer you to go for a wireless surround system. The only downside is a slight decrease in sound quality compared to the wired system in the same price range. However, if you pay a little more, this problem can be resolved.

For every technology, there is a lopsided relationship between pros and cons. This article will thoroughly explain the distinct qualities of the six best wireless surround sound system under 200 that you can choose. Each product is discussed concerning its design, characteristics, sound quality, price, and the amount of freedom it offers in terms of specs. There is a comparison that will help you find the best product according to your requirements.

Note: Due to pandemic situation most of the true wireless surround sound systems are not available

List of Best Wireless Surround Sound System Under 200

Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker

Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Kit

Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System

Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System

Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System

Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System


Polk Audio T50 Surround Sound Speaker

VIZIO SB3821-C6 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar

VIZIO SB3821-C6 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System


1. Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Kit

Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker
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Starting with Samsung’s rear wireless speaker kit that offers convenient connectivity with Samsung’s soundbars of models HW-MS650, HW-MS6500, and HW-MS750. 

Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker front side

Simplicity lies in connecting the system and pairing it with devices to enjoy your favorite movie thriller. The beauty of this is that no wires will ever dangle from the speakers’ rear and cause a dire outlook. The wireless system needs to be connected to a wireless module using a wireless connection as per the manual’s instructions. There are no wires on the central unit. Feel tempted? 

The wireless system is relatively small and can be easily wall-mounted and installed. Even when the volume is raised to the maximum, i.e., 6 in the design, there is no downgrade in sound quality. You will experience no drops in the wireless connection.

The rear speaker volume can be controlled by going to the sound control option on the remote control. The manual of the system does not contain some information. Still, it can always be asked by the customer support that the company offers.

Samsung SWA-9000S Wireless Surround Sound Speaker backside

To go to the link mode, you have to first turn off the Samsung soundbar then press the up-arrow button for five seconds. Once the link mode appears on the LED display, the unit can be easily paired with wireless rear speakers.

For a nice effect, turn your tv audio output settings to ‘surround’ and ‘DTS/Neo 2:5’. You can use optical wire instead of HDMI for louder sound.

This 1.54 pound black in the color system is exceptionally reliable because Samsung is a beloved and innovative company that ensures no stone is unturned in its electronics’ quality assurance. It may be a little expensive for the amount of flexibility it offers, but the quality speaks for itself.


  • Cost-effective 
  • No compromise in quality


  • Limited information in the provided manual. 
  • Less flexibility in options.

2. Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System

Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System
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Currently a best seller in the market, Rockville has done a fantastic job in manufacturing an aesthetic looking surround system that comes in a combination of black and blue. This system will give your place a good look because of its design. Moreover, you can buy it in under two hundred dollars! 

It is a 5.1 channel having a 1000-watt peak power level. It has 500-watt program power as well as 250 watts RMS power. Rockville’s surround system collectively comes with an 8-inch subwoofer having an in-built receiver, full-range front channel speaker, and full range rear channel speaker. 

Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System 2

The system comes with high-quality medium density fiberboard wood cabinets and plastic front panels to place and adequately adjust the speakers. This way, the placement and installation are made more manageable. You will not have to worry about buying additional shelves and desks.

The system has a built-in FM receiver with a splendid reception. The volume of each speaker and subwoofer can be controlled easily. It has a digital display and 5 band equalizer.

What’s even more impressive is the four LED lighting modes in the subwoofer unit. It has options for seven different colors and a multi-color mode. Giving an overall mesmerizing look and experience. 

Even with the volume and bass level at extreme levels, no distortion in the sound can be felt. That is one upside of this product. The quality of sound remains maintained at high volumes. USB input file size and SD card offer a maximum of 16 GBs.

The best characteristic is that the surround system is CE and RoHS compliant. The guaranteed fun experience is something you cannot ignore while searching for the best wireless surround system.

Rockville HTS56 Wireless Surround Sound System 3

It comes with a 30 feet long cable for rear speakers, 12-foot cables for front speakers, and a 10-foot cable for the center channel. Along with this, the company provides extra wires in case any additional application is needed. 

You cannot deny the free 90 days of customer support that the company provides. It will be free tech support if you face any problem and confusion regarding the installation, usage, and settings. On a single phone call, you can get help regarding troubleshooting, configuration, and system connection.


  • Stylish outlook
  • 4 LED lighting modes on a sub-woofer
  • Zero distortion
  • Free 90 days customer support


  • Short back speaker wires
  • Lacks optical audio connection

3. Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System

Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System
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Next up is a relatively cheap and low on budget surround sound system offering similar and par characteristics by Logitech manufacturers. It is a 5.1 channel with 160 watts peak power output that fills the rooms to the corners. It includes left, right, and a center channel with 2 rear satellites and one subwoofer.

Enjoy high-quality audio from any device, i.e., TV, phone, computer, tablets, games, TV blue-ray/ DVD audio players, etc., via RCA, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm Auxiliary jack. The subwoofer gives off the kind of sound waves you can vibe with, and the bass sound is solid enough to be felt by the skin. 

Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System 3

The highs of the sound systems are crystal clear with powerful bass as low as 50 Hz. Specially designed for audio lovers. More on the bass- the 5.25inch bass driver offers a 50 watts peak power and 25 wats RMS, which gives a pumping and punchy bass.

 It includes a remote and a 6.2-meter-long cable that makes installation easy and convenient. The placement is made more accessible due to the long wires. Hence the system can be easily put in any corner of the living room, office, basement, and bedrooms. The mounting brackets are not included in the package.

The extra-wide frequency range lets you experience the actual dynamics of sound in your favorite movie or game. The Satellite speaker delivers the kind of details and clarity you desire.

The 4.2 Bluetooth is better than ever as it transfers data even faster than 4.1 Bluetooth. The wireless experience is enhanced by the splendid reception of Bluetooth up to 15m wireless streaming from devices. The faster and most reliable connection can easily support 2.5 times the audio data of Bluetooth. 

Z606 5.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker System 2

Moreover, the simple controls for audio are right on the subwoofer. They can also be controlled from anywhere in the room within a 10m distance using the remote control. 

It is a must-have at such an affordable price of less than a hundred and fifty dollars!


  • Cost-effective 
  • 160 watts Room filling sound
  • Extra-long rear speaker cables


  • Mounting brackets are not included
  • Average quality hardware 

4. Polk Audio T50 Surround Sound Speaker

Polk Audio T50 Surround Sound Speaker 3
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Polk a name that delivers sound beyond your expectations. In the business since 1972, they have consistently up their game by introducing new technologies and innovations. Making things compact and sleek while not compromising on the quality. No matter what the venue is, Polk audios bring a cinematic experience to the table. Designed and built by keeping the customer in mind. 

Standing tower design features a 1-inch tweeter, a 6.5-inch driver, and two mega 6.5-inch bass radiators. These two radiators complement the main woofer and produce natural and well-balanced audio. The effects reach the far ends of the room. Usually, surround systems are meant for larger spaces. Still, the sleek design of Polk T50 makes it suitable for medium to small spaces. So, it not only sounds good but looks cool too. 

A 5.1 home theater packs two T50 tower speakers, a T30 center channel, and T15 Bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. It is easy to set up. It is compatible with home theater av receivers, giving you many options to set up the system. Comes in multiple varieties of a single room, 2.0,2.1,3.1 channels or multi-room 5.1,7.1 and even 9.1 setups give you the out of the world experience. 

Polk Audio T50 Surround Sound Speaker

Sound quality is crisp, not comparable too more expensive models, but it does the trick. The overall tone and bass work are suitable for movies, seasons, and music. If you are looking to buy a two-channel stereo system, it may not be that good for you as you would definitely need a sub-woofer to get the optimal bass. 

With all that, the prices are also reasonable. The product quality is adequate. Aesthetically pleasing as Polk Audio is a wireless system, an overall package that is worth your money. 


  • Good quality sound
  • Competitive price rate
  • One of the best in markets


  • Not much but not that suitable for large spaces.

5. VIZIO SB3821-C6 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar

VIZIO SB3821-C6 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar
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Next up is VIZIO 2.1 surround system. A relatively new company compare to other manufacturers. Fresh and innovative addition to the market. It packs a 2.1 soundbar paired with wireless subwoofers ready to blow your mind. The Crystal-clear audio and bombastic base that brings movies and TV sessions to life. 

There is an option of up-gradation to premium audio that delivers up to 100 dB of sound. It has clear audio with less than 1 % total harmonic distortion. It houses Dolby Digital decoding and DTS audio post-processing bringing innovation to your home cinema. 

The system comes with a wireless remote, which gives you complete control over the audio. Adding cheery to the top, the range of this whopping 60 feet. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect audio from your smartphones. So, you can lay back and enjoy your favorite music. 

Easy to set up. Ideal for small to medium rooms. The package comes with enough cabling to complete the setup. Also includes screws, bracket, and a wall template to mount the soundbar to further optimize the space. 

Much cheaper than big names like Sony and Samsung and still delivers epic sound. Easy on the pocket. A small LCD on speakers(for settings) would have been better, but it is acceptable considering the price range. It has perfect sync capabilities with your TV. It gives roughly 8 hours of listening time. 

However, there is an issue reported by users regarding crackling from the right speakers. Still, the manufacturers have resolved the minor fault and made it better. Overall it is a good deal and will give the cinematic experience you deserve. 


  • Cost-effective 
  • Good quality sound.
  • Wireless and excellent syncing capability


  • Smaller system
  • Average quality hardware but still good for the price. 

6. Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System
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Ending with another product from Polk audio, the SR1 wireless Rear surround speakers. Polk is known in the surround sound world as a good competitor of audio products. Do not get fooled by its smaller size and cute look. The speakers contain some serious power.

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System 2

It can be used as a standalone audio system. But you can also upgrade the existing MagniFi Max Soundbar System from a 3.1 channel system to the epic Multi-dimensional 5.1 surround experience. 

It is adjustable to your needs. This is Polk’s innovative technology for you. Set up in less than no time. Comes with extensive balance control, so even if placed asymmetrically, they give well-balanced sound. 

This pair is equipped with a 3’’ driver, an amplifier. Fully compatible with the MagniFi soundbar. Has multiple sound modes like Dolby and DTS to give your tv experience a cinematic touch. Enjoy sports, movies, and music to the best. Also comes with a Night mode- it decreases the base and enhances the voices to give a warm and pleasant feel. Also houses Polk’s patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology that creates an expansive stereo image and delivers natural and quality sound. Excellent for gaming and music.

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Surround Sound Bar System 3

It comes with smart remote technology. The system can be controlled with TV remotes of major brands like Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony. Also, most of CEC enables TVs. Hassle-free and easy to set up. Compatible with google assistant. Easy wall mountings that give it a more aesthetic appeal. 

Very cost-effective and but with average hardware quality as compared to previous Polk products. But a lower rate and excellent customer service provided by the company solves all the reservations. Crystal clear sound, well balanced, and thumping bass. Ideal for small to medium place. 


  • Compact and stylish 
  • Ample surround sound effect 
  • Cost-effective


  • Not suitable if you have large spaces.
  • The LED indicators are somewhat concealed in the dark fabric.
  • LED may not be that much visible on speakers, but it does not affect the overall performance. 


If you are a sound enthusiast and really know your stuff, you would have already decided which surround system will grace your home cinema. If you are not, we have got your back. Choosing the best wireless surround sound system under 200 in the gang may seem daunting at first. Still, we have established some parameters for you to consider before emptying your wallets. The usual suspects, one might say. What you may need to consider is the type of wireless system, sound quality, surround effect. 

Types of a wireless system

There are two types that you are already familiar with, i.e., Bluetooth and wifi. Wifi gives more sound quality and a higher range without distortions, but they are expensive to set up. Bluetooth, on the other hand, may not be on par with wifi in terms of quality, but they effortless to setup. Almost every product comes in a built-in Bluetooth device. Both are good and save your space and keep things tidy. 

Sound Quality

Captain obvious at it again. So, it’s a no-brainer that you would want the best quality sound at your place. Take some music or whatever your favorite movie clip with you to the audio store. Test it in the shop. And really listen to what rings your bells. Check for crispiness in the sound and feel the low frequencies of bass. This varies from person to person.

The surround effects

The audio systems can be a real traditional surround system or a simulated one. The real surround system consists of five speakers, each placed at specific points. The Z606 5.1 and Samsung SWA-9000S are good products based on this principle. While the simulated ones have a soundbar and one sub-woofer or two speakers. Both work great. The VIZIO 2.1 and Polk Audio T50 are good options, too, especially considering the price range.

The simulated ones occupy less space but sometimes sound strange. If you are low at space, then Polk’s SR1 will do the trick. Samsung and Rockville are known for the quality of the hardware. If you read all this, you are ready to get the optimal solution to your audio needs. 

Thanks for reading our best wireless surround sound system under 200 reviews. Let us know if you have any question in the comment section below.

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