Guide On How To Reset JBL Flip 3,4 and 5 Speakers

In today’s day and age, everybody wants to keep themselves entertained. This is now possible due to the progress in technology. We can keep ourselves entertained through our mobiles. And to elevate this experience, most of us use speakers to enhance the audio quality and have a good time. JBL is known for producing great speakers and is an entertainment partner for a lot of people. Being portable and waterproof, the JBL speakers have become a trusted name. The JBL flip speakers are immensely popular among people who like to keep themselves entertained. 

JBL Flip 3, 4, and 5 all these speakers are worth it as they are not only affordable but also one of the best speakers in the market. They are portable, waterproof, and last a long time. However, sometimes one may face some problems with their speakers. It is not because of manufacturing default or technical issues, but it is just a glitch. In cases like these, you can resolve the glitch by simply disconnecting and reconnecting your device to the speaker or just resetting the speakers. Once you do either of these, the glitch will be resolved and you can go back to listening to your music or any audio file with full blast. 

Steps to How To Reset JBL Flip 3,4, and 5 Speakers:

How To Reset JBL Flip 3,4, and 5 Speakers

If you are experiencing any glitch with your JBL speakers and you decide to reset them, then there is not much of a difference in resetting JBL flip 3,4, and 5 speakers. You just need to follow some simple steps and you’ll be done. 

Following are the steps which will help you reset your JBL speakers:

Turn On the Speaker:

The first step is to turn the speaker on. For this, you need to press the power button until you see the LED flashing up. The flashing of the LED is the sign that your speakers have turned on. It will also make the power-up sound, so when you turn it on, wait for the electrical sound. 

Find Volume Up Button:

Once the speakers have turned on, look for the volume up button. It is usually located at the side of the speaker. 

Press Power and Volume Up Button Together:

To reset the speakers, press the power and volume up button together. Press them for a while until your speaker turns off and the LED lights stop flashing. 

Turn the speaker On Again:

Now turn the speaker on again. When you turn the speaker on, the speaker will automatically activate Bluetooth discovery mode. This will indicate that the speaker has been reset. And now you will have to reconnect your device from scratch.  

Once you are done resetting your speaker, reconnect your device and continue having fun with your JBL Flip speakers.


And with these simple steps, you can resolve the glitch by resetting the speakers. This process is not only easy but also doesn’t consume a lot of time. It is hardly a matter of a few minutes. So reset your speakers and keep getting entertained with an elevated audio experience.

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