Best Center Channel Speaker Under 300$

Are you sure that your home theatre is complete yet? Well, I have some astounding news for you. Even if you imagine your theatre to be perfect the way it is right now, there is still something vital missing which could change the whole mood.

But what are you lacking? A best center channel speaker out of all, and we are going to help you find the finest one.

What is a center channel speaker?

For that, you would need to understand what is a center channel speaker. It is an important part of any surrounding system; a channel speaker is used to transmit only one audio channel through it.

A center channel speaker following the same protocol is a speaker that is situated in the center, for example, right beneath the television.

You might be wondering about the purpose. Well, a center channel speaker gives the room and the audio a more realistic and real-life feel because it seems as if the sound is coming directly from the visuals.

Where to find the best one?

Best Center Channel Speaker Under 300$

Recently, due to the situation around people had a lot of time to dedicate to building home theatres and cinemas, more demand for center channel speakers invited scams to the market.

This made shopping for the finest center channel speaker almost impossible, but not to worry because I have reviewed the top products around when it comes to the Best Center Channel Speaker Under 300$.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in.

Top 6 Best Center Channel Speaker Under 300$ in 2020

Polk Audio T30 Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio T30 Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch R-52C Powerful detailed Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch R-52C Powerful detailed Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

MartinLogan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker

MartinLogan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker

Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Center Channel Speaker

Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Center Channel Speaker

1. Polk Audio T30 Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio T30 Home Theater Center Channel Speaker
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Finding something on your list, which is affordable yet amazing in quality at the same time, is not a skill everybody can master but voila! You just did it yourself.

Polk Audio T30 is by far the best model that Polk has released when it comes to best center channel speaker under 300$, and the features speak for themselves.

What do we know about the body?

The body plays a vital role when it comes to the composition of the speaker because the size and dimensions do affect the sound. Also, you would want to know every single detail about a speaker before buying it. This makes storing and setting up easier.

So, about this bad boy, the body is not much of a hectic; it makes things a lot easier. It’s a simple and straightforward rectangle-shaped speaker, with a sleek black finish, it would go beautifully with the interior of your theater.

Coming to what’s on the body. It has a tweeter, silk dome one which is about an inch large. Accompanying the silk tweeter, you have two composite drivers, which measure around 6 inches. Then comes the performance port; all of these features together result in impeccable sound.

How can I not tell you regarding the build quality? Well, it’s the finest out of all. The piece is robust and completely compatible with any of your console tables because it’s light in weight. 

But, what about the sound? 

Of course, we are going to talk about sound quality. This is what will set the pace of you will buy it or not, right? 

The sound outcome is simply amazing. It’s crystal clear without any single hindrance. The sound indeed sounds like it has been beautifully filtered through any high or low pitches. The audio is quite detailed and in-depth, so that it has a higher impact altogether. 

Let’s not forget the ease of use

No individual who buys a speaker like this does not have to be professional. Many inexperienced teenagers tend to get center speakers. 

This is why the speaker should be easy to use and not tricky at all. This is exactly what this product is, the gold plated binding post at the back of the speaker would help you connect with any speaker around your house with ease. 

This means that if you want to get this center speaker separately, you don’t have to think much because it can clearly be a perfect match for your speaker set. 

2. Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

Best Center Channel Speaker Under 300$ 1
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Do you want to know something that not all speaker sellers would tell you? You should always buy electronics such as speakers from a renowned brand. This is because they always know what they are doing, and they produce high-quality products for their trust customers. 

Sony is also a very ancient name in the world of electronics, and people do trust them blindly with everything they release. I can confirm that this center channel speaker by sony is no child’s play without a hint of doubt. It’s also the best center channel speaker under 300$. Let’s know more! 

Everything about its body

I can only say one thing about the new Sony center channel speaker that it’s the most beautiful speaker I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 

You see, center channel speakers are mostly boring, outdated, and they aren’t really exciting in any way because of their looks, unlike this bad boy. 

This speaker is beautiful. It’s a rectangular looking box speaker like any other standard speaker, but the build and finish are excellent. The sleek black training finish, along with the shiny silver Sony logo in the middle, finalizes the whole look. 

Coming to the visible features, we have a tweeter, two driver speakers, and a port. Combined, the speaker does look robust and something that anybody would want around. 

Is the performance equally outstanding? 

So much about the body, I know you would be eager to know if the speaker sounds as beautiful as it looks, and trust us, people, the speaker sounds if not the same, then only better than how it looks. 

But why is that? How can this speaker be exceptionally superb and better than the other ones? Well, the magic lies in the tweeter of the sony SSCS8. 

It won’t be wrong if we say that the tweeter here is the real star if the show. It’s specially modified and designed to give crystal clear vocal quality. The tweeter is extremely responsive and catches all the deep sounds to make the visuals look more realistic. 

It gives you high-resolution sound, which is clear and filtered of any known hindrance. 

Let’s talk about the drivers a bit. The dual-layer datagrams are responsible for giving exceptional sound and a robust body while looking like up till now, Sony is leaving nothing to complain about. 

Is there something unique? 

Although everything about this product is distinctive, all of this is something that you would expect from a company that is this old and known. 

What does this product have that makes a difference? A contemporary crossover feature; this feature makes sure that there is less or no signal loss, which results is a smooth buttery sound without any pitch disturbance.

This feature also ensures that no matter how high or low the pitch is, the sound always remains constant throughout and plays well with the sound output. 

One other thing or feature that we can’t ignore is the bass, this is not a feature that every center speaker would pay attention to, but Sony did. A powerful bass means that you could play your favorite music too, which makes this speaker an allrounder. 

3. Klipsch R-52C Powerful detailed Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch R-52C Powerful detailed Center Channel Speaker
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Klipsch R-52C take 3rd position in our best center channel speaker under 300$ reviews. Not many speaker companies take care of all that you would need from a speaker. Instead, they focus on sound quality only. 

But this piece by Klipsch blew my brains out with its exceptional features. Hold your horses because we are going to talk about all of them. 

What’s so special in the build? 

This product’s body is made by a load if consideration and cares about its customers, and it can be seen from it. 

First of all, anybody would notice on this speaker that it’s different from the ordinary once. It looks a lot more retro vintage. 

This is because of the tweeter and woofers’ placement on it. They are upfront and different. The tweeter is square in the middle, and the woofers around are large with golden and metallic black finishing on them. 

The base color is more to the grey side. This would make a perfect fit anywhere with any kind of interior, which excites me because of the many options it could go along with. 

The real deal? Sound

It’s all fun and games about the body till we talk about the real boss here, which is the sound. We have to give this to this speaker. The sound is truly amazing. 

Any center channel speaker’s real power lies in the tweeter. This product has an LTS aluminum tweeter, which makes the sound high resolution and completely distortion-free. The tweeter would also provide a very detailed and deep sound, something you wouldn’t find in any other piece around. 

The subwoofers also play an important part by being so light and high quality. This makes sure that the sound is being interpreted accurately throughout the room. 

Why should you buy it? 

It’s very simple, this piece is one of it’s kind, the body us given sheer importance; the back is closed so that you have no issues in storing the piece anywhere at all. The cabinet inside out is composed of the finest materials, so you know you are buying the best. 

Not to forget the tractrix horn technology that this bad boy has, which means that the sound frequency and direction go straight to the listener. It’s like the sound comes aimed towards you. This fulfills the purpose of the center channel speaker perfectly. 

Can you afford it? 

Looking at the features and the quality, I would say that the price is quite fair. It’s accurate if we overlook the fact that buying something like this is a one-time investment. 

4. Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker
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Your home theater doesn’t have to be only a single small room with a couch and some covers along with an LCD, maybe its much bigger and looks more commercial. 

What kind of center channel speaker would you need in this case? Of course, something that is powerful and maintains sound quality at the same time. This audio signature series by Polk does the same job, let’s get into it. 

It’s eye-catching- about the body, and what do these features do? 

One of the best parts that I adored about the product was the design. It’s more technical than the other models by Polk. It’s a rectangular but thin speaker with six visible drivers. In the middle, we have a small tweeter with three drives side by side. 

It’s a perfect piece for that surround sound effect. The speaker’s back is closed, making storing with the wall much more comfortable and less of a hectic. Not to forget, the power plugs on top of it, which makes sure that the power bass feature Is carried out smoothly. 

It’s convenient 

The body makes the product easy to handle as it is lightweight. Being this light makes it portable, easy to install, easy to move around, and comfortable to place anywhere. 

It would fit at any amount of space, which is truly a steal. 

The golden point that this speaker has makes it a perfect piece for any kind of set up around. This feature is truly a steal because then you don’t have to think much before buying. 

Finally, the sound

The body, build, and convince makes this speaker feel as if it’s straight out from heaven. The heavenly sound completely acknowledges that. 

The sound is bold and loud (you would have assumed that with the six drivers), the sound is deep, and with bass, the hindrance free technology makes sure that the deep sound is also smooth. 

How is it unique?

This product is truly unique because it has earned the label or providing a true American hi-fi sound. The name earned has gotten millions and billions of people to purchase it. The reviews were exceptional, making this center speaker a sensation. 

We highly doubt that there can be any better center speaker for you rather than this one if you have a Polk speaker set up. 

5. MartinLogan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker

MartinLogan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker
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Honestly, there is nothing better than a celebrity or famous personality’s inspired product, just like this MartinLogan Motion 8 center channel speaker. 

Do you know what’s distinctive about these kinds of products? The company’s who manufacture celebrity-inspired products tend to spend more time and effort on that specific model; why is that? You see, they have to uphold their and that person’s name and reputation with their product. 

Seems like this piece is something to brag about, so let’s know all about it. 

The beautiful body 

If you are tired of seeing speakers’ rectangular boxes everything and you think that it calls for a change, then this beautiful baby is perfect for you. 

Let alone the body is so different, it has a slightly curved shape towards the outside. This means that it will provide more of a surround sound than any other center speaker. 

Coming to the finish, the matte, grainy black finish is perfect for every household. You won’t have to worry about decorating according to your speaker’s funky colors because here’s the thing about black that I love the most, it fits in anywhere perfectly. 

The inside matters

Yeah, sure, it looks astounding from the outside but is it the same from the inside, or is it just another all show and no go? 

Well, you would be amazed to know that it’s as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside. You see, the first thing I noticed was the folded tweeter. The technology is remarkable. The folded tweeter works according to the air around, compresses it to produce impeccable sound. 

The sound is also something to praise on. It’s fine and without any distortion due to the clear sound technology inside. The work is done on this speaker is truly amazing. 

Something Extraordinary when it comes to convenience

The first thing that I find very convenient and easy in this product is the curved edges. It might not sound like a big deal or nothing more than just a design. Still, you see these curved edges make the placing easier and handy. 

You can even pin the speaker up rather than buy a console table separately for it, which is amazing. 

Not to forget that there are convenient hookups installed on the speaker; what are these for you ask? These hookups are used to easily put your speaker up on the wall without any further additional support. 

Sound great for a beginner, right? 

Why should you buy it?

You might be wondering that even after this product is so fabulous, it might be expensive, so how is it a good buy? Well, folks, hold on to your chairs because we are going to tell you something that will blow you away. 

This product is quite reasonable compared to other center channel speakers around and has more features than them. 

6. Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Center Channel Speaker

Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Center Channel Speaker
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Way are you looking to buy a center channel speaker? Obviously, for the sound, right? What if we tell you that this product by definitive technology is straight out if the art. 

It has the sound, it has a body, and it also had built, what more can we ask for. Sounds tempting? Let’s know more about it to see if it’s worth it. 

Let’s start with the body

The first thing that anybody would notice on your speaker is the body. You have to make sure that it looks perfect. Let’s be real here, the standard rectangular speakers aren’t a thing anymore. 

If you feel the same, then this distinctive looking curved and uplifted speaker is just your type. Did I forget to mention the grainy black finish with a beautiful overall look? It would go perfectly with your interior and the mood of a movie theater. 

What really matters is the sound

Of course, you are investing in a center channel speaker and looking for the best one, not for showing it off buy for the sound. 

The good news, this product is known widely for it’s beautiful and breathtaking sound. It will help you enjoy the movie or music like it’s playing in reality by carrying 75% of the sound. 

The audio itself is rich and deep, making it perfect for watching a movie with friends in a cozy place, aka your cinema room. 

Also, various technology drivers are installed in the product that is used to balance out the sound, which means the output sound would be grain-free, smooth, and life-like. 

There are bass radiators too, and do you know what that means? More realistic sound even when the sounds are set to low, isn’t that remarkable? 

How convenient and affordable is it?

When it comes to convenience, I must say that it’s something that I would love to have around my house, why you ask? Well, it’s easy to store and keep because of the weight. 

I can put it on a shelf or mount it and not forget about the design, which makes the real difference. 

Final Thoughts 

A center channel speaker is the most vital part of a surround sound system. You need it to make the surround sound system workable for your home cinema. 

If you are having trouble finding that perfect piece of channel center speaker, then don’t break a sweat because this read above will educate you all about the best center channel speaker under 300$. There are reviews of the top-rated center channel speakers available. 

So what are you waiting for? Go on and find yourself the most adequate one for you!

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