How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

For a sudden event at home or if you have planned to throw a surprise party at your friend, you will need music, or else the vibe will be absent.

The consideration over how you will manage to bring and set up a high-fidelity sound system with hefty speakers in a minimum time can get on your nerves.

Today we will discuss how to connect JBL speakers together. JBL is a brand that thought of this problem at first and also worked hard to bring an innovative solution. Such a solution is not just more than enough for the need of the hour but it also accentuates the overall performance of listening to music at a broader level.

Teamwork can do the help here as if all the friends bring one of their JBL speakers, these can be connected to maximize the sound power as similar to that of a theatre, concert, and organized stereo sound supervised by experts.

With heavier bass, the fun will also be massive. Undoubtedly,  JBL is all about strengthening your listening experience to the best in the least effort possible.  

JBL manufacturers have prepared many models where you can connect two speakers via Connect feature and multiple speakers via the Connect+ feature. Such a connection is believed to double or increase the volume straight up to 100 times (if you connect 100 speakers at the same time), respectively.

In addition, the best part is, all these JBL speakers are highly portable which even makes the process a piece of cake.

How To Connect JBL Speakers Together?

How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

Here’s a comprehensive approach towards connecting as many JBL speakers as you want, along with the description of the JBL models that can apply to particular connections only.

Steps to Connect JBL Connect Speakers Together:

In this category, you can connect only two speakers to double the sound. Therefore, the JBL models that are competent in this feature are JBL Flip 3, JBL Clip 2, JBL Pulse 2, and JBL Charge 3. In simple words, you should have any two JBL speakers from these mentioned models to connect them under this feature.

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your Source from the Settings menu. The source can be any, for instance, your mobile phone, PC, laptop, tablet, and TV, etc.
  • Similarly, turn ON Bluetooth on your JBL Speaker by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds.
  • Once the JBL speaker is in pairing mode, it may appear in the list of available devices to be connected to your source device. When you see the name in the list, select it.
  • Play the song on your source device and check if the connected speaker produces it.
  • Now turn ON another speaker that you want to connect with this speaker to make twice as much volume and press on its Connect button.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute for the connection to be made and then you will listen to the same song produced by this speaker too.
  • ENJOY!

Note: If you suddenly want to cut the connection from one speaker and let the sound beat from the other speaker, press the Connect button of the speaker you want to turn OFF and the music volume will be back to its previous intensity.

Steps to Connect JBL Connect+ Speakers Together:

In this category, you can connect as many as up to 100 JBL speakers via Bluetooth connection for an instant stereo sound setup. The JBL models that are up with this latest feature are JBL Xtreme 2, JBL Boombox, JBL Flip 4, JBL Pulse 3, and JBL Charge 4.

Let’s suppose, you should have two or more than two JBL speakers from this mentioned list to make the connection possible. Unlike Connect, the Connect+ feature symbolizes multiple connections simultaneously which implies a real theatre-like sound engagement at home.

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your source device.
  • Turn ON Bluetooth on all the JBL speakers you want to connect to bring them into pairing mode.
  • Add all the JBL speakers to the Bluetooth list of your source device by clicking on their respective names.
  • Play an audio file on your source device through any app you usually use.
  • It will play from anyone JBL speaker that was probably the first one to get connected to the source device.
  • Now at first, click on the Connect button of the JBL speaker that plays the music.
  • Later on, click on the Connect+ buttons of all the other JBL speakers.
  • Meanwhile, please recheck if they are still connected to the source device.

The music will eventually start playing from other speakers too and now you can party!

However, to lower the volume by disconnecting any one of the JBL speakers out of all, re-click on its Connect+ button and it will be out of the race.

Note: Your source device may support only a certain number of connections at a time so only those connections can be possible. The number of connections allowed at one time may vary from device to device (source). For instance, your Smartphone and TV may permit fewer connection numbers than the laptop, PC, and Ipad. Therefore, depending upon the need of the volume, pick the source device accordingly.

Steps to Connect JBL PartyBoost Speakers Together:

Apart from Connect and Connect+ feature, there is a specialized form of the same feature with a more innovative touch, called by PartyBoost. Therefore, JBL Flip 5, JBL Boombox 2, JBL Xtreme 3, and JBL Pulse 4 come under the PartyBoost feature.

  • Turn ON the Bluetooth of your source device.
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth of the PartyBoost JBL speakers and bring them into pairing mode.
  • Add them to the list of Bluetooth connections on your source device.
  • Run a music file on your source device and see which JBL speaker out of the two plays it first.
  • Click on the PartyBoost button of the particular JBL speaker and then click on the same featured button of the other JBL speaker.
  • Wait for a minute to connect the two speakers. Sometimes it can take more time to connect.

You will know the connection has been made when the music starts playing from the other PartyBoost JBL speaker too.

JBL Connect+ VS JBL PartyBoost: Which has a higher range?

JBL PartyBoost speakers are an upgraded version with a set of some newest speakers to ensure multiple connections (up to 100 speakers) and that is why its range is also increased. Previously, JBL Connect Plus speakers were providing almost 30+ feet of sound range. Then came PartyBoost with double the range up to 60+ feet range and changed the entire game. As the name suggests, the line of JBL PartyBoost speakers is manufactured purely to hype up the elevated party nights.

There is not much difference in the quality of both connection protocols. But if you are looking for portable speakers solely to establish a stereo sound system, go for the dedicated JBL PartyBoost speakers. JBL PartyBoost speakers over Connect Plus speakers assure uninterrupted sound range even if the source device is placed too far from the setup.

Similarly, the JBL Connect Plus series is also an upgraded version of the JBL Connect series and it is always better to use the latest models to avoid any connection complexities later.

Frequently Asked Questions- JBL Speakers’ Connections

Can the JBL Speakers with Connect and Connect+ feature be connected?

No, the JBL speakers with different connecting features cannot be connected in any case.

Let me make it easy to understand for you with an example. For instance, you have got one JBL Flip 3 speaker and the other JBL Flip 4. Though both of these JBL speakers belong to the same Flip series, they cannot be bound together in a connection.

This is because JBL Flip 3 caters only to the “Connect” feature while JBL Flip 4 carries the responsibility to be connected only to the speakers with the similar “Connect+” feature. Therefore, JBL Flip 3 should go ahead with another JBL speaker that also pertains to the “Connect” feature and vice versa for JBL Flip 4.  

How to connect a JBL speaker to a device that does not support a Bluetooth connection?

In the same world, there can still be some devices with outdated models that are not Bluetooth compatible. If you have no choice but to connect them with your JBL speaker, you can use a Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth will initially be connected to the device (preferably in any input port) and then you can connect it wirelessly with your JBL speaker. For sure, a little expense will be made at purchasing a compatible Bluetooth adapter.


JBL also spotlights a JBL Connect app to make the connection direct via App instead of clicking on the Connect buttons of each JBL speaker. Though it is optional, it is a more efficient and faster way to deal with maximum speakers. This app will work only in the case of Connect+ and PartyBoost JBL speakers because they support multiple connections, unlike JBL Connect’s two-way connection.

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