How To Connect Jbl Speakers To Tv

Knowing how to connect JBL speakers to TV is equally important as it is to know for a Laptop or PC. Sometimes there is some live show or an old nostalgic series that you want to watch with your family or friends traditionally, the TV must then produce enough volume that everyone can enjoy, even the person who is sitting most away. However, the higher volume at the TV, above level 60 or 70, starts losing clarity and it sounds more like giving pain to your ears. Therefore, at this point, JBL speakers come to the rescue and produce the same sound in a refined audible form. 

It does not matter which JBL speaker model you are using because all of them are almost the latest ones or keep updating with advanced features. So the process will also be the same. It is your TV that must be up with the requirement of having the support for Bluetooth connection. 

How to Connect JBL Speakers to TV?

How To Connect Jbl Speakers To Tv

This guide will cater to both wired and wireless connection options, in case your TV is one of the oldest models but you still want to enjoy the audio/music via TV. 

The most common TV brands in 2021 are Samsung, Vizio, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, LG, OLED, and Hisense, etc. Let’s suppose you keep any one of the TV models from these brands.

Moreover, the most used JBL speakers, according to the consumer report, are JBL Flip 5; JBL Boombox 2; JBL Go 3; JBL Xtreme 3; JBL Charge 4; JBL Flip 4; JBL Pulse 4; JBL Charge 3, JBL Flip 3, etc.

To understand the process in steps, just assume that you have one of the above-mentioned TVs and a JBL speaker.

Note: If you don’t see your brand of TV or model of JBL speaker in the casually mentioned brands and models above, it is okay. The process is going to be somewhat similar, you just need to mix and match the steps to locate settings on your device and proceed with it. Apart from this guide, get some help from the manual or use some wit and it is done.

Steps to Connect JBL Speakers to TV (Wireless):

The wireless option for connection between TV and speaker is one of the easiest approaches to watch shows and listen to podcasts with a quality audio setback.

To make it possible, your JBL speaker, as well as TV, should be Bluetooth compatible. If you are not sure about your TV, check its user manual to see the feature of Bluetooth enlisted there. If you have lost the manual guide or it is in a different language than what you can understand, search on the internet with the brand and model no. of your TV. 

After confirming, save time and begin with the following steps.

  • Open the “Settings” section of your TV in the Menu with the help of its remote. 
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth.
  • Go to Network and find there the sub-setting of Sound and then click open the Audio Output/Sound Output tab.
  • Find the “Bluetooth Speaker List” or simply “Bluetooth List”.
  • If it is there, well and good. Otherwise, roam around a little in Settings to find it somewhere else. You can also search in your TV’s Search bar by writing Bluetooth if the search bar option is available. If nothing works, take help from the manual (translated in your language: search on the internet).
  • After locating Bluetooth on your TV, turn ON your JBL speaker and put it on Pairing mode. For this, you have to press the Bluetooth button on your speaker. Meanwhile, make sure the speaker is not already connected to any other device like your Smartphone or Laptop. If yes, disconnect it from there first and then turn it ON again. This is necessary to do otherwise your speaker’s name would not show up in the Bluetooth list of your TV.
  • Now, wait for the JBL speaker’s name to appear in the Bluetooth list. Once it does, select it to bring the pairing mode into connection mode.
  • Depending on your TV, a checkmark might appear next to the JBL speaker’s name to indicate a successful connection.
  • Switch on some channels to ensure if the music is played on your speaker to ensure connection and then it is done. Enjoy it to the core!

Note: Avoid taking the speaker far away from the TV because the Bluetooth connection will split up.

Steps to Connect JBL Speaker to TV (Wired):

If your TV does not approve of the Bluetooth connection but you still want to enjoy it nonetheless, you are welcome. You will need a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and it is done. Though the wired connection is not as admired as wireless, it still does the job effectively. The AUX cable has a 3.5mm jack on both ends from which one will be connected to your TV and the other to the speaker. 

Therefore, come after the following steps carefully to make the connection certain.

  • First of all, buy an aux cable if you don’t have it already. Though you mostly get this cable on purchase of different devices such as laptops or smartphones so search at your home first.
  • Find the AUX port on your TV where the cable will be inserted. Depending on your TV, it can be on the sides or behind the TV. In the case of confusion, seek help from the manual guide.
  • Now plug in both ends of AUX cable on their respective ports: one in TV and the other in speaker. The location of the AUX port on your JBL speaker will be most probably on the back. After lifting the cover, there will be two ports, one for AUX cable and the next for micro-USB cable. 
  • Turn ON the JBL speaker and then also switch ON its Bluetooth button.
  • Go in the Settings section of your TV and turn the audio output of the TV system from regular to AUX. This step will vary widely so you can take help from the manual again. However, in some cases, this step is not even necessary because the TV itself will direct the audio output once you plug in the AUX cable in it. So go according to the situation.
  • Your JBL speaker may tell you about the connection being done through a beep or some light. It is done.
  • Now turn on some channel on your TV to check if the music plays through the JBL speaker. Repeat the steps carefully again if there is some problem. If not, enjoy yourself.

Note: The same procedure goes with the Bluetooth adapter in the case of a wired connection. You will have to connect the adapter to your TV and then back again to the JBL speaker.

In addition, if you replace the JBL speaker with headphones, the connection method will still be similar except for the part that you will put on headphones to listen to the music/audio solely than making everyone hear or listen to it with the speaker.

How to connect JBL speakers to the Media Streamer attached to the TV?

Some people usually have attached a media streamer with their TV to stream content directly from the internet on your TV. This is a secondary way of watching content on the TV instead of going for the regular streaming channels. In simple words, you can watch the content of your choice using a media streamer instead of choosing solely from the available options on TV.

Therefore, you can connect your speaker to the streamer as well to get the volume directly from the streamer such as Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, etc. All these devices will be termed as secondary devices while your TV being the primary one, working as an audio transmitter for the JBL speaker. This stop-gap can work competently enough if the TV’s built-in Bluetooth efficiency is not responding for any reason.

Here is the stepwise direction to connect JBL speakers to the most used media streamer: Apple TV.

Mind you, this is an unconventional wireless method for a reliable connection.

Steps for Apple TV

  • Turn ON the power of your JBL speakers and then also turn ON the Bluetooth button.
  • Open the Settings section on your Apple TV.
  • Click on the Remotes and Devices tab and then look for the Bluetooth option.
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth and wait for your JBL speaker to pop up in the list of available pairing options.
  • Select your device to connect once it appears on the screen.
  • Connected.
  • Run something on the TV to check if the music is produced through speakers.

For other media streamers such as Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, the process is again a mix and match of the above-mentioned idea that you can use as a reference.

Winding Up

You can also connect your JBL speaker with a gaming console if it is attached to your TV because anything between two connectors works as an audio transmitter. Enjoy the day with TV!

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