How To Connect Bose Speaker To Tv

Bose is a matchless brand of its kind in the realm of hi-fi audio gadgets, be it headphones or the speaker. You will find the best possible version of any professional or casual audio product, loaded exceptionally with the latest features and lasting durability.

However, quality is the promised priority as you decide to bring a device to your home or office for entertainment or maintenance.

How To Connect Bose Speaker To Tv (Step By Step Guide)

How To Connect Bose Speaker To Tv

This time, the Bose Speaker is the hot topic and for concerning that, you should know how to use it at the best.

Don’t you think you should be at liberty to connect it to several sources for better sound engagement?

Though it’s comparatively easier for connecting it to Smart gadgets but for TV, one way may not be feasible.

Here we go with four ways to connect your TV (only the latest models) to the Bose Speaker to maximize the magnitude of the volume in a specified space.

All the four ways are described in step by step procedure so for attaining a connection, you just need to go with the flow of the rules.

Connecting Bose Speaker to TV via HDMI

Out of all the possible methods to connect your Bose speaker to the TV, using an HDMI cable is one of the most used options. Follow these steps to learn how to connect both devices.

  • First things first, set up your Bose Speaker and even TV if it is just out of the box.
  • Make sure that both of these are in a fine condition to work, free from any technical or manufacturing fault.
  • Find your HDMI cable. It should also be not expired or excessively worn out. Well, skip this part if you have purchased it just recently.
  • Turn OFF both the TV and your Bose Speaker if any of these are turned ON.
  • Look for the HDMI port on both devices where you will insert the cable ends. In case having doubts and difficulties, go through the user manual of both devices (TV and Speaker) to take help.
  • After finding them, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV and the other end to the Speaker in corresponding HDMI ports.
  • Turn ON the devices (TV and Speaker) now.
  • Connect any secondary device such as a Cable box, DVD player, or Blu-ray disc from the list of inputs already connected to the TV.
  • In the menu section of your TV, go into the Settings and then turn ON the ARC.
  • You may run an audio file to ensure the connection.


  • The same HDMI cable can also be used for video transmission
  • No compromise on the quality of sound
  • Not time-consuming


  • It is distance limited

Connecting Bose Speaker to TV via Optical Cable

Another option that is usually entertained in place of HDMI is the Optical cable.

  • Again now, you have to start with making sure that your TV and Bose Speaker are in sound condition.
  • Take the Optical Cable and find the corresponding ports on TV as well as Bose Speaker. It’s easy.
  • The Optical IN jack is for the Bose Speaker while the Optical OUT jack is for the TV.
  • Insert the ends where they belong. Though on TV, you may see any of these tags such as Digital Out, Optical Out, or S/PDIF. If you find any of these labels, it calls for the Optical OUT end inserted into it.
  • Now for the Bose Speakers to work, you need to turn OFF the TV’s built-in speakers first so that the sound can be directed straight to the outside speaker.
  • Go to the Menu of your TV and then to the Settings.
  • Find the Audio or Audio Input option and then switch OFF the TV’s speaker proficiency.
  • In the same line, you will find the Audio Output option, click on the Fixed option under it.
  • If you can not locate any such function, skip this step.
  • Instead, just increase the volume setting to the highest level on your TV and you are good to go.


  • Such connection adds to the quality of sound
  • Takes less time
  • The cable can easily be found


  • It is usually a bit expensive

Connecting Bose Speaker to TV via AUX Cable

Yet another option to build the connection between TV and Bose Speaker is to let the speaker carry the load of all the volume goodness. This is how you can do it through AUX cable in few following steps.

  • Get your devices (TV and Bose Speaker) all set up.
  • Now get your AUX cable, all ready to be on duty.
  • Find the corresponding AUX ports on both devices. Seek help from the manual or internet to know where the ports can be.
  • Connect one end of the AUX cable in the AUX IN port on your Bose Speaker.
  • Connect the other end on the AUX OUT port on your TV.
  • Take the Remote of your Bose Speaker and select the source as AUX.
  • To confirm the connection, turn ON the TV and play something.
  • Wait for the sound to come through the Bose Speaker and it is done on your end.
  • The connection has been successfully made.


  • It is the easiest method
  • The connection is made so rapidly


  • Poor audio coverage

Connecting Bose Speaker to TV via Bluetooth

Finally here comes the most anticipated and globally enjoyed method to secure connection between any two devices. To make it possible, your TV must be Bluetooth compatible and the rest is just a piece of cake. To land on the successful connection, swear by the following steps to the letter.

  • Begin with making sure that both your TV and Bose Speaker are working fine and are turned ON.
  • Turn ON the pairing mode of the Bose Speaker by pressing the button, either on the Speaker or via Remote.
  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your TV as well.
  • In the same Settings, look for the available devices for the Connection option list.
  • Wait for the name of the Bose Speaker to appear and then select it.
  • The Bose Speaker may release a pairing sound (beep) to ensure that the connection has been made.
  • Turn ON some audio file on your TV to examine it being produced through Bose Speaker.
  • It’s done. You may enjoy a good volume now.


  • It is a wireless method
  • Effortless
  • Saves you from spending money on the wires
  • It also saves your time from the detangling of wire
  • You can also connect the smartphone for multi-streaming


  • Not for permanent connections
  • The connection may be easily interrupted if another wireless device is operating within the same horizon


The best part of having these one-way connections between Speaker and TV is, you can also connect another device to channel the audio on two devices from the same source. It does not affect the sound quality, given that the method you pick for the connection is durable.

We hope that you’ve found this blog post to be informative and helpful. You should now know how to connect Bose speaker to tv with all of the different cables available.

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