How To Connect Onn Soundbar To Tv

We can’t deny that in this day and age, technology plays a very important part in our lives. From entertainment to work, everything is done through electrical devices. Technology is extremely vital in our lives. Be it work or entertainment, we want everything done on our technological devices to work smoothly.

Today we will discuss how to connect Onn soundbar to tv. We want our audio and visual quality to be top-notch. No one wants to compromise especially on the audio quality and here is when you need good soundbars and speakers to ensure that you don’t face any problem regarding your audio quality that may disturb your experience.

Television has been a source of entertainment in our lives for a long time now. We switch it on to get entertained and relax at the end of the day. And during that time we all get really annoyed when there is an issue in the video or sound quality. It ruins the whole experience for us and spoils our mood. To tackle this issue, the Onn soundbar is the best product in the market.

It is an external audio device that can easily be connected to your PCs, laptops, and televisions. It ensures that you get the best audio quality. Onn soundbars are available at an affordable rate and offer the best services to the consumers. They are trusted by the customers and therefore are very popular in the market. Its sleek and compact design also goes well with your tv and can be placed anywhere near your television set. 

Now connecting your Onn soundbar to the television for the first time might be a little confusing. Therefore to help you out with the connection process, here is a detailed guide on how you can connect your Onn soundbar to the television set. 

How To Connect Onn Soundbar To Tv

How To Connect Onn Soundbar To Tv

There are several options by which you can connect your soundbar to the television. To find the appropriate option, you have to keep in mind the features of your television set. For this, you may need to go through the user manual that comes with the set. It will help you in understanding the features your television supports and will also help in choosing the right option for connection.

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through HDMI:

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through HDMI

The first method to connect your soundbar to a television set is through HDMI. It is one of the most popular and convenient ways to connect one device to another. 

  • Firstly, you need an HDMI cable. Onn Soundbar usually comes with all sorts of cables, from HDMI to Aux, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Just ensure that the cable is in good condition.
  • Look for the HDMI In port on the soundbar and HDMI out port on the television set.
  • Then, connect one end of the cable to the Soundbar through the HDMI in port and the other end to the HDMI out port of the television set. 
  • Once the connection has been made, go to the audio settings of the television.
  • Change the audio settings to HDMI or Wired. The labelings of the settings may vary from one set to another, so be mindful of that. For a reference, check the user manual.

Once the settings have been changed, you can enjoy your time with clear audio quality. 

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through Optical Cable:

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through Optical Cable

Another way to connect your Soundbar to television is through a digital optical cable, which typically comes with the Onn Soundbar. Onn soundbar comes with a separate port for optical cable too. Here is how you can connect it to the tv:

  • Look for the optical port on the television. 
  • Once you find the optical port on both the television and the soundbar, take the optical cable and connect one end to the soundbar and the other end to the television set. 
  • Now go to the settings and click on the audio settings. Change the output to the optical cable which may also be labeled as Digital optical cable. 

Once those settings are changed, you will be able to get the best audio quality through the Onn soundbar and you will be able to enjoy your entertainment time without any disturbance or annoyance. 

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through Bluetooth:

Everything is going wireless and so are Onn soundbar connections. Connecting the soundbar to television through Bluetooth is the easiest and quick method of all time. It is not only less time-consuming but also hassle-free as it includes no wires or cables. Here is how you can connect the Onn soundbar to television through Bluetooth:

  • Use the remote control that comes with the Onn soundbar to turn the Bluetooth on. 
  • Then turn your television’s Bluetooth connectivity on through settings. 
  • To keep the Bluetooth signals of the soundbar within the reach of the television, keep the Onn soundbar in less than 1 meter of distance from the television set. 
  • Once the Bluetooth of the soundbar has been turned on, a flashing blue light will indicate that it is ready to make a connection.
  • Through the Bluetooth settings on your computer, select the soundbar’s name and press connect 
  • The blue light will stop flashing to indicate that the connection has been made. 

Now just change the audio settings to Bluetooth and enjoy amazing audio quality. 

Connecting Onn Soundbar to TV through Aux Cable:

You can also connect the soundbar to your television through an aux cable.

  • Get an aux cable. 
  • Find an aux port on both your television set and the Onn soundbar.
  • Connect one end of the aux cable to the aux port of the television set.
  • Connect the other end of the aux cable to the aux port of the Onn soundbar.
  • Once both the ends of the aux cable have been connected, go to the settings of the television. 
  • Change the audio settings of the television to Aux cable. 

And there you go, you are ready to get entertained while having the best audio quality. 


You will say goodbye to bad audio quality, once you connect your television set to these Onn soundbars. It is a solution that will save you from irritation. Out of these 4 quick and easy ways, you can opt for the option which is supported by your television set and which seems more appropriate to you. Simple steps and then you can have the best audio quality while getting entertained.

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