How to use Electric Rice Cooker [9 Simple Steps]

If you are a rice lover, then an electric rice cooker is a must-have gadget in your kitchen. It’s very handy and easy to use. If you like rice to be on your table in every lunch or dinner, then you must know how to use electric rice cooker effectively.

How to use Electric Rice Cooker

Here are 10 simple steps for

How to use Electric Rice Cooker

  1. Rinse the rice.
    rinse the riceTake rice in a bowl and hold the bowl below tap or faucet. Let the water run through rice so that extra starch, dirt, insecticides, or pesticides are cleaned. Remove the water from the bowl. Repeat this until the water becomes clear on removal.

  2. Measure the rice and put it into the electric rice cooker pot.
    Measure the riceSome rice cookers come with a removable pot, and some have fixed pots, so you have to put rice in them without pot is removed. Leave enough space, so the rice cooker doesn’t spillover.

  3. Add the water and rice into the rice cooker pot by measuring it according to the type of rice.
    Add the waterThere are markings on the cooker pot, which shows that how much water or rice is to be added.

  4. Soak the rice if you want to shorten the cooking time and to make rice stickier.
    You can soak the rice for up to 30 minutes before cooking. You can or cannot use the same water for cooking rice.
  5. Add flavors if you want your rice to have a little flavor in them.
    Add salt as per your taste. Butter or oil can be added too. If you want to enhance the taste, you can add bay leaves or cardamom too.
  6. Cook the rice in the rice cooker.
    put the lid and Cook the riceAfter adding all the ingredients, put back the lid on the pot. Plugin the switch, select the desired option (rice type) and start the rice cooker. Like a toaster, the electric rice cooker will click when the rice is done.

  7. Don’t open the electric rice cooker lid.
    do not open the lidYou have to be very careful about one thing. Don’t pull the lid to check that the rice is cooked or not. As the hot steam inside the cooker is preparing rice, it will escape from the pot and may burn your hand. Let the rice cook according to the time you’ve set for them to cook on their own.

  8. Rest the Rice in the rice cooker (optional).
    Rest the Rice in the rice cookerAfter the rice has been cooked, allow them to set in the pot for 10 to 15 minutes. This step is optional. It will make the rice less sticky and easy to remove from the pot.

  9. Enjoy your delicious rice.
    Enjoy your delicious riceWhen there is no water left, the rice is ready to be served. Serve the rice as it is, or with gravy, all depends upon how you like to have them.

Accessories of rice cooker

  • User Manual
  • Rice cooker
  • Scoop
  • Rice measuring cup
  • Condensation cup

For details on how to use electric rice cooker, you can watch this video.

How does an electric rice cooker work?

It works by boiling the rice water faster. As the lid is closed, so the air pressure is built inside the cooker, which cooks the rice.

There’s a temperature sensor within the rice cooker, so it senses the temperature, and when rice absorbs all the water, it automatically switches to warm settings. The rice remains warm inside the rice cooker for a more extended period.

It is essential to read the instructions which come in the form of a manual with the rice cooker so that you can make it work efficiently.

Tips for cooking perfect rice in the Electric Rice Cooker

  • Do not overfill the rice cooker; it may boil over making a mess.
  • Always use a non-stick spoon so that it does not scratch the inside of the pot.
  • If you want that your rice does not get stick with the spoon, use a plastic rice cooker spoon. Rinse it with cold water so that rice does not stick with it.
  • If you have a removable pot, make sure you dry it completely before putting it back in the cooker; otherwise, you will destroy your rice cooker.
  • The electric rice cookers have measuring cups with them so that their manual tells the exact quantity of water to add to make rice. Some have a 1:1 ratio, and some have different measurements.
  • Rinse rice with water before adding them to the cooker to remove excess starch that makes the rice less sticky.
  • Let the rice rest for 10 minutes after being cooked in the cooker. Remove the lid after 10 minutes so the rice will become fluffier.

Types of Rice

Different types of rice have different textures, and they come out differently after being cooked. Such as short grain rice have a lot of starch (amylopectin) due to which they are highly branched and stick together, giving a less fluffy and more sticky appearance.

Whereas long grain rice has more amylose in them due to which they are less branched and appear fluffier and less sticky.

Medium grain rice has the same quantity of amylopectin and amylose, so they are fluffier with a little sticky appearance.

Questions about electric rice cooker

How much water do you put in a rice cooker?

  • Long-grain white rice need 1 ¾ cups of water
  • Medium-grain white rice need 1 ½ cups of water
  • Short-grain white rice needs 1 cups of water
  • Long-grain brown rice needs 2 ¼ cups of water

How long do you cook rice in a rice cooker?

For one cup of white rice takes approximately 20-25 minutes, two cups of white rice take 25-30 minutes. while one cup of brown rice takes approximately 30-35 minutes, two cups of brown rice take 35-40 minutes.

Is it healthy to cook rice in electric rice cooker?

Yes, it is absolutely healthy to cook rice in an electric rice cooker. It’s more healthy than traditional cooking and you always get perfect rice loaded with protein, minerals, and vitamins.

What if the rice becomes mushy?

If your rice becomes mushy, try avoiding adding excess water and reduce the quantity of water.

What if the rice remains uncooked?

If your rice remains uncooked or undercooked, add more water ( half a cup of water ) and let it cook for 3-5 minutes.

What else can be cooked in an electric rice cooker?

With an electric rice cooker, you can cook tons of different things. Some of them are

  • Meat ( Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork)
  • Vegetables (Carrots, Potatoes, Corns, Spinach, Broccoli)
  • Soup, Chili or Stew
  • Hot Cereal
  • Cake

Using an electric rice cooker is quick and convenient. When you have to cook a large quantity of rice, this rice cooker is a must-have and heavenly useful to you. Preparing the best and fluffiest rice by making sure that the ratio of water and rice is exact will leave your guest’s finger-licking experience.

Moreover, you can master cooking rice in the rice cooker too. Check our post on cooking white rice and cooking brown rice in a rice cooker.

Make sure you have this useful gadget in your kitchen.

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