Rice Cooker vs Steamer

In this modern age, everyone is so busy in his/her works that it becomes really difficulty for the majority of persons to spare time for them. Particularly, when they wish to eat delicious and mouthwatering foods but due to their hectic routines, they are unable to cook such foods just because of the unavailability of time.

As time is so precious that nobody has excess time to waste hours just doing the cooking. So, keeping in mind, brands are working on reshaping their products so that people can cook healthy and delicious food in no time.

rice cooker vs steamer

So, today we are going to discuss differences between two of the most prestigious and stunning products available in the market rice cooker vs steamer.

What is a Steamer?

Food Steamers are appliances that cook food using steam. Place the food in trays called ‘baskets’ and let hot steam do the rest.

Getting a food steamer just for the vegetables you serve with dinner might seem like a waste when you can just use the microwave. However, if you’re looking for a convenient way to speed up your cooking or cut down on fat, a food steamer could become your new favorite appliance.

Types of Steamer?

There are three main types of food steamers you’ll find on the market; Electric food steamers that you pour water into, stove-top steamers that go over pots or pans filled with boiling water, and more traditional wooden steamer baskets also go on your stove or on ceramic bases. Stove-top steamers can be metal or silicone, and electric food steamers usually have plastic or glass steamer baskets.

What are the Benefits of Steamer?

Food Steamer is a great option for anyone doing their best to eat healthily. Steam cooking meat removes fat and lowers cholesterol, as well as taking out the need to use oil or fat to cook with!

Steaming vegetables helps keep all the vitamins and minerals in the food, unlike other cooking methods. Many food steamers can stack multiple steamer baskets to cook a whole meal at once! Steam cooking means cleaning up is a snap since there’s no oil or a ton of dirty dishes.

what can you cook in steamer?

Answer: all sorts of things! A quick google search will show you thousands of recipes. Steamed vegetables alone can be pretty boring or flavorless, but adding spices to the water flavors your food hassle-free. Stack an appetizer, main dish, and side dish on top of each other and enjoy a fast, healthy meal.

From things you might expect like dumplings and vegetables to out-of-the-box ideas like tamales, there are things you can steam for every time of day. You can make eggs for breakfast, meat and veggies for lunch, or dumplings to go with dinner with ease. Seafood is also a popular choice for steam cooking, as it brings out the flavor in fish very well.

What kind of Steamer should I get?

Well, that depends, but there’s one for every type of cook and budget. Someone without a lot of free counter space should probably get a stove-top steamer. Small steamer inserts can be as cheaper than $10, while bigger stove-top sets average at about $25-$50. If you’re a traditionalist who likes wooden steamers, those are often around $20-30 as well.

People who want more modern features like timers or auto shut off might like an electric food steamer more. Simpler models start at about $20 and ones with all the bells and whistles can be up to $1000, but most sit comfortably around the $40-60 range and will do everything you need.

What is a Rice Cooker?

Rice cooker is an electronic device that consumes very little energy and can be used for either boiling rice or steaming it. Rice cookers origination goes back to Japan in the 1950’s era and it was made by Toshiba.

In the beginning, rice cookers were only made to cook perfect rice but with the passage of time, it has gone through a number of positive changes, and now it can not only be used for cooking rice but for many such other dishes as well.

It consists of a number of articles in it such as a thermostat, cooking bowl, and a heat source that it gets from electricity. This rice cooker is really easy to wash just because the companies have provided a detachable non-stick inner pot for your convenience. The warming temperature can be set to 150 F and similarly cooking temperature can be set to 212 F.

Benefits of using a Rice Cooker

It can cook luscious rice in less time by maintaining a boiling point temperature. If you are a lover of eating steamed or boiled veggies then here is a perfect choice for you, these cookers can not only steam vegetables but also can make risotto.

You need not stir it up as you would do on the stovetop. You can go to your work leaving behind the food in these cookers as it will automatically turn off when food will be perfectly cooked but if you do the same thing on the stovetop you will get nothing but a food fully burned.

This amazing thing about rice cookers is that almost every rice cooker has the option of warming up the food for a long time which means even if you go to work leaving behind the food in your rice cooker, it will surely let the food warm for almost full night. Many rice cookers even come with an amazing time of 12 hours of warm-up capacity.

Different types of Rice Cooker

1. Standard Rice Cookers

We all are very familiar with these rice cookers as they are the traditional rice cookers and they are used for cooking rice only. Whereas it comes with some variations which include a detachable power cord and also one of its good features includes that it automatically gets turns off when rice gets cooked as it is provided with a thermal sensor.

2. Improved Rice Cookers

These rice cookers are comparatively more convenient in usage as they are the better versions than standard rice cookers. You can not only cook white rice in these amazing cookers but also brown rice can be cooked perfectly. standard rice cookers do not have timers but these cookers have timers in them which makes life easy in many ways. You can boil white rice, brown rice, and even vegetable easily.

3. Multi-functional Rice Cookers

As the name suggests that they are multi functional, so they will have several functions as compared to standard rice cookers and improved rice cookers. Apart from cooking various types of rice, it can also cook Sushi rice, porridge, cereals, risotto steamed fish, and vegetables. The aesthetic look makes it more attractive with its wonderful led functions.

4. Induction rice cookers

These rice cookers are among the super rice cookers due to its superb functions provided. They can warm the food for a very long time as compare to other rice cookers but obviously it will also consume more electricity than usual. Similarly, they are even more expensive than others.


So, What's The Verdict (Rice cooker VS Steamer)

If you like quick, healthy food, a steamer is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a new skill in the kitchen to master or just want dinner to cook faster with less mess, you have nothing to lose here. Getting a food steamer can change the way you cook forever.

Both are quite effective in their respective zones. You can choose either rice cooker or steamer but that depends on your requirement. Rice is undoubtedly one of the most consumed foods today. If you are a big fan of rice then a rice cooker is not less than any blessing for you.

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