Rice Cooker vs Slow Cooker

Getting the right kind of appliances for our kitchen especially cookers can be a very monotonous yet very crucial task. With the help of some thorough research, this task can be made extremely easy. If you are experiencing some challenges in buying a rice cooker vs slow cooker then this article is worth reading.

rice cooker vs slow cooker

For all those who love cooking will understand the importance of both the appliances in their kitchen. Let me tell you that both these cookers are versatile and will be of great help to you in your cooking for preparing meals for your family.

I would suggest having both these appliances in your kitchen as it is surely going to make your cooking easier. Thus. there is no need to confuse yourself as each one has its own importance and plays a vital role in bringing those exceptional dishes to your table. In order to get total clarity. you need to know what these cookers are good for.

I will guide you in understanding the striking difference between the rice cooker vs slow cooker and the best appliance that you need to pick based on your needs.

What is a Slow Cooker?

A slow cooker is a cooking appliance that is used to coddle food at low temperatures compared to other cooking methods such as boiling, baking, and frying that requires high temperatures.

Numerous dishes can be prepared using slow cookers. These types of dishes are remarkably designed for convenience and few ingredients needed.

I will like to discuss a few points about a slow cooker which will help you in understanding its benefits. There are many shapes that are available in a slow cooker so I would suggest that you buy whichever shape you feel is good for you. By shape I mean the shape of the cooking bowl, so do not get confused by exterior shape. Some cookers are square in shape from the outside but from the bowl shape is oval.


There are two shapes available in this cooker one is round and another is oval. I would suggest the use of round shapes are it is excellent when it comes to cooking soups. I would also recommend you using square shape when cooking cakes. However. oval-shaped is also a good choice when it comes to cooking whole fish and whole small chicken.


I have come across many sizes in this cooker. Based on your requirement you can choose the size, If you are organizing parties every month I would recommend that you buy one with less capacity and one with a larger capacity. Fewer capacity cookers can be used for your home and a large capacity is the best to cook meals for your guests.


There are different settings that are available in this cooker. So. based on the requirement of your meal you can change the setting. Some cookers also have an additional setting which helps in controlling the speed and time for cooking. I love this cooker as it has a warm setting which helps in keeping the food warm after it is cooked.

Cleaning and benefits

 I never face any problem when it comes to cleaning it. It is pretty easy to clean it. You can clean it lid and bowl with the dishwasher. The outer part can be cleaned by using a soft cotton cloth. In case if you are not able to clean the bowl with the dishwasher. I would suggest that you soak the bowl for half an hour in warm water. by doing this. will loosen the food that has been stuck on the bowl easily.


Price varies based on its size and the brand that you choose. I was lucky enough as I got to buy this amazing cooker at a low price during a discount. Its benefits will surely compel you to buy.

I love it as it helps in easy cooking. It’s flexible programming that helps in setting the temperature and time automatically. I love to use it for my parties as I can easily prepare different dishes and appetizers.

What is a Rice Cooker?

A Rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that helps you to prepare small and large quantities of rice fast. It is a very impeccable product and most suitable for people who want perfect rice in a fraction of time. It comprises an inner bowl, a heating element, and a thermostat which makes it very easy to use.

Apart from rice, you can also cook hard-boiled eggs, oatmeals, porridge, and chicken.


There are different types of options available in it. I would like to bring a few to your knowledge. You can buy an automatic cooker. keeping a warm cooker. or an electronic cook and warm cooker. The automatic cooker is the most economical one.


I will suggest you look at all the features before buying it. The small size rice cooker can cook up to three to four cups. While the medium-sized cooker will cook up to five to six cups of rice. Large capacity will cook up to eight to ten cups. Jumbo size can cook up to fourteen cups with great ease.

Usage and cleaning

It is easy to use. When I used it for the first time I referred to the booklet and was able to do things on my own. It hardly takes a few minutes to clean it and is very handy to use.


It depends on the size and the brand that you choose. However. if you buy it during the discount you are going to save a lot of money.

Mostly rice cookers are divided into three price range:

  1. Rice cookers under $50
  2. Rice cookers under $100
  3. Rice cookers under $200

The best part about this cooker is that it cooks fast and is a perfect fit for any kitchen.

Pros of using a Rice Cooker over Slow Cooker

  1. It instinctively cooks the rice for you.
  2. Rice cookers save us the whole trouble of paying attention to food as we do in other cooking appliances. We only need to gauge the amount of rice and the amount of water then place the lid when the cooking process comes to an end the rice cooker will automatically shut off.
  3. It keeps the rice warm. Rice cookers have incredible warming feature that ensures our food is kept warm without overlooking.
  4. It very simple to clean. This is made possible by some features that prove safe to put in the dishwasher.
  5. Tasty rice well a lot of people contend that cooking rice in cookers tastes delicious. In my experience. this is very true as long as you are using the right procedure.

Rice Cooker vs Slow Cooker – Key Differences

Rice cooker vs slow cooker both have quite some striking differences and the major distinctions are the amount of heat created from the appliances. While the rice cooker distributes a high amount of heat to get the food into a quick boil, the slow cooker distributes a less amount of heat hence increasing the cooking time. This brings about an impact on the varieties of food that can be cooked and how well the appliances can be utilized.

Difference in size

The size rice cooker is measured in cup sizes. Most of the time they come in sizes of 2 to 10 cups although they sometimes very and you can even get a larger size of 20 cups.

The size of a slow cooker varies in size from 1 quart to 8 quarts. The tiniest cooker Is the one that ranges between 1 to 3 quarts and specifically for those who live alone. For an ideal family size. the 4 to 5 quarts should be enough and eventually, for larger families, the 6-8 quarts will be okay.

The difference in cooking time

Well, when it comes to rice cookers less time is taken because of the considerable amount of heat used.

While slow cookers take a lot of time to cook. If you are always in a rush the slow cooker is not going to be the best option for you.

While a slow cooker will perform well when you are out for your work. You can set the slow cooker and it will keep on doing its work. So till the time you are back the cooking is finished on its own.


The slow cooker appliances are quite flexible and can be used for preparing many types of meals that require medium heat. While rice cooker can cook a few types of meals and cannot be used for the types of foods that require slow cooking.

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