Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Reviews (2020)

If you are looking for the best rice cooker under 50 dollars, we have done a complete homework regarding this; you will get with comprehensive information about them. This will help you a lot in making your decision about the rice cooker which you have been looking for. The pros and cons regarding the rice cookers will be thoroughly discussed so that you may get the best rice cooker of your choice.

Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Reviews (2020)

Rice cookers nowadays are quite simple in shape and did not take much space. They are straightforward to use, and they make perfect rice, which is always delicious. Rice made by these rice cookers are fluffy, and they rarely get sticky, which is one of the fascinating aspects of these rice cookers.

There are also multi-purpose best rice cooker under 50 dollars as well, which have several functions. The multi-functional rice cooker is not only used for cooking perfect and delicious rice, but also it can be used to make baked cakes, cooking meat, oatmeal, and many other porridges.

These rice cookers have made life very comfortable in many ways, as it does not require any human energy to make the meal. Also, it takes very little time to cook food.

List Of Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Dollars

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548)

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548)

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Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB)

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB)

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Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL)

Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL)

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Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Reviews (2020) 1

Oster Rice Cooker (CKSTRCMS65)

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Aroma ARC-743-1NGR Rice Cooker

Aroma ARC-743-1NGR Rice Cooker

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Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

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1. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548)

The Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Under 50

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548)
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You can cook rice in just 35 minutes with the help of this fantastic product. Although rice cooked by this non-pressure cooker is not perfect, but still, this is a superb option for those who can not afford much costly non-pressure cooker.

This rice cooker is excellent in preparing rice in less time. It Cooks rice in only 35 minutes, whereas the quality of cooked rice is not as good as given by Aroma rice cooker. Rice is less well separated, but its high speed is worth mentioning. It is among one of the fastest no pressure rice cookers for white rice.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548) rice capacity
Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker (37548) functions

It has earned respect because of its high speed and accuracy. You can even use this cooker for making brown rice, and it also has a function for delayed cooking.

2. Aroma Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB)

The Best Pressure Rice Cooker Under 50

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB)
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This unique and multi-function cooker is best, and it is enjoying high ratings in the market from users. If you put 10 cups of uncooked rice in this cooker, then miraculously, this fantastic cooker will give you 20 cups of cooked rice.

Rice cooked by this cooker is not just perfect but also quite separated. This cooker contains a brushed stainless steel finish, which further charms its beauty. You can easily use this product because it includes a digital cool to the touch control panel, which makes it easy for everyone to understand and use it. This digital control panel is highly convenient.

Aroma Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB) specifications

The lid of this cooker is not removable as it is fixed, and it is made of BPA- free plastic. Deliciously cooked rice by this cooker is mouth-watering. This is so because locking lid does not allow moisture and steam to go out, and ultimately rice is cooked perfectly. It contains a non-stick cooking pot, which is made of surgical grade 304 stainless steel.

Aroma Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB) accessories
Aroma Rice Cooker (ARC-150SB) functions

This electric rice cooker has a capacity of cooking rice form 4 to 20 cups. You can cook rice at the bottom whereas you can steam the vegetables at the same time as well in the tray which is provided above the bottom of the cooker. This cooker offers a great experience of cooking as you can set a time delay for up to 15 hours.

This smart rice cooker has made life easy in many ways, such as it contains a beeper, which will beep when food will be ready to be served. But, if you are busy somewhere, then this smart cooker will automatically switch to the keep warm mode, and it will keep the food warm until you press the power button. After that, it will be turned off, and then you have to unplug it for safety.

aroma non-stick inner pot

This multi-purpose cooker is really excellent for all types of rice as you can cook roasts, soups, stew, quinoa, jambalaya, and many other dishes which you want to. Even you can use this cooker for cooking beans, but you need to soak them into the water overnight first.

3. Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL)

The Best Japanese Rice Cooker Under 50

Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL)
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This is the Panasonic best rice cooker under 50 dollars model number is SR-G06FGL. This cooker will make 6 cups of cooked rice if you provide 3 cups of dry uncooked rice. This amazing tempered glass lid cooker has a top knob to lift, and this is one step automatic cooker.

Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL) Automatic Cooking

To provide the best experience, it comes with a non-stick coating and pan is made of aluminum. The most beautiful feature of this device is that it automatically turns off when food gets cooked. All you have to do is just put the rice and adjust the time. Steam basket is not included in this product.

Panasonic Rice Cooker Non-Stick Aluminum Inner Pan

You can cook several rice dishes with this fantastic product. This cooker will provide you quality, not less than any restaurant. You can make sticky rice for rolling sushi, Spanish rice for the burrito, delicious mouth-watering rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon sprinkled on the top for dessert. You can even make wild rice to add to a toss green salad.

Panasonic Rice Cooker (SR-G06FGL) Cooking
Panasonic Rice Cooker accessories

This Panasonic cooker prepares many dishes that are not just delicious but provides the quality and taste of the restaurant.

4. Oster Rice Cooker (CKSTRCMS65)

The Best Rice Cooker with Steamer Under 50

Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Reviews (2020) 2
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If you have been thinking about the rice cooker, which must not be costly but at the same time provides the best taste and quality in less time, then this Oster 6 cup rice cooker is especially for you as it is affordable and it doesn’t occupy much space. You can easily clean this cooker as it contains a detached glass lid.

Oster Rice Cooker (CKSTRCMS65) glass lid & steamer basket

Oster has many models, but tempered glass lid only comes with Oster 6 cup glass lid. It’s compact size not just makes it easy to clean it but it Cooks the food quickly. The lid provided in this cooker will let you see the condition and progress of the rice. The cup size of this cooker is a bit smaller than the standard size provided in other rice cookers.

This smart electric cooker only contains a single button, which on the one hand, makes it easy to use and understand, but on the other hand, it will not let you know about the cooker rice as it does not have an alarm or timer.

Oster Rice Cooker (CKSTRCMS65) accessories

When the device shifts from cook to keep warm mode, it makes the sound of an audible click. This handy device is effortless to wash as both the inner pot and lid can be removed, and after washing, they can be fixed again.

Experts have examined this cooker, and they have concluded that white rice is perfectly and deliciously cooked by this machine, whereas, to some extent, brown rice is dry.

Reviews about this product on Amazon from buyers are positive enough due to a number of reasons as one buyer reviewed that he really liked this cooker because of its glass lid, which is separate from the body.

Oster Rice Cooker (CKSTRCMS65) functions

Other buyer says that he is in love with this cooker because this cooker takes no time to be washed. Also, this cooker was really helpful for him as cooked rice can be seen from outside.
Other buyers praise this machine because of its small size, as it can be placed anywhere.

Its qualities include: not costly, excellent for stick rice, Sushi rice, and white rice.
Its demerits include: it does not have a function of timer, 6 cups of this cooker are equal to 4 cups of standard size.

5. Aroma ARC-743-1NGR Rice Cooker

The Best Mini Rice Cooker Under 50

Aroma ARC-743-1NGR Rice Cooker
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This cooker is not really vast and colossal in size, but this is a small cooker with a list of qualities. As it is best for those who are having a small family. It fulfills all the requirements of a small family. It also takes fewer times to cook the rice.

It has a very unique design which catches the attention of buyers, it has distinctive and unique colors. This is best for 1-3 people. The most fantastic aspect of this cooker is that it cooks delicious rice in no time. But despite all these fetching qualities, it doesn’t come with an off switch.

Aroma Rice Cooker BPA free
Aroma ARC-743-1NGR inner pot

This mini cooker is straightforward to use as there are no hidden secrets in it. Everything is effortless and precise and does not involve any effort to use.

To cook delicious rice, all you have to do is to rinse the rice, put the right amount of water and rice in the pot, and then press the switch down, which will make it on, and in less than 20 minutes you will get tasty rice with a sweet smell.

This cooker gives you an extraordinary advantage as it can be used to steam the food, which is its plus point for the price.

Aroma ARC-743-1NGR accessories

Just like other rice cookers, this machine is convenient as well in the sense that you need to worry about the overcooking of rice as it will automatically switch to keep warm mode once the rice gets cooked. This means you should not be concerned about the overcooking concerning this device.

With all its good qualities, it still lacks somewhere as it doesn’t have an off button, you have to unplug it in order to turn it off.

Although this cooker is not very powerful, it still holds a good reputation if you have a small family or if you are one or two persons. This is easy to carry and wash, and it Cooks perfect rice.

6. Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

The Best Brown Rice Cooker Under 50

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker
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This Cuisinart stainless steel cooker is among the top class cookers. With the help of this beautiful Machine, you can cook fluffy brown rice or any rice quickly. This time Cuisinart is very much concerned about your safety, so you are provided with chrome-plated handles, which will not let the handles get hot. You can easily grab handles. The steam vent of this cooker prevents splattering, which makes you a delicious dish.

You are provided with heaps of functions if you buy this cooker as it can use for steaming vegetables, which is a gift to Vegetable lovers. Similarly, if you are not interested in fat-rich meat, then you should undoubtedly purchase this cooker as it can use for making the fat free meal and thin cuts of meat.

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker accessories

Not just this versatile cooker use for rice dishes, but also it can use to cook oatmeal, couscous, polenta, shrimp, boiled eggs, and many more things which you may like to cook.

The LED function provided in this cooker is Worth mentioning as it contains two different colors of lights; one illuminates during the phase of cooking while others get illuminated as the cooking period gets over, and it switches from cooking to keep warm phase.

Best Rice Cooker Under 50 Reviews (2020) 3

In order to stir the food, you are provided with a textured plastic paddle that you can use for serving food as well. To measure the quantity of rice, you are provided with a measuring cup as well.

You can cook recipes like creamy parmesan risotto with asparagus and teriyaki steamed chicken with wild cranberry rice, and these recipes are even available in the booklet, which comes with this best rice cooker under 50.

The design is quite magnificent. The Interior and exterior both are well designed. To cook 6 cups of rice, it will only take 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can do any work. Cooking rice in just 20 minutes is not a bad deal. All you have to do is to put the right amount of water and rice in the pot, and after 20 minutes, you will get delicious and fantastic rice.

Thanks for reading our Best rice cooker under 50 review guide let us know if you have any questions

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