Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer

Looking to know more about Rice Cooker Vs Air Fryer? Then you are exactly in the right place.

As you know, the Rice Cooker and Air Fryer are both impeccable appliances and comes handy in cooking while saving a lot of your time and helps in easy cooking as well but you might be confused about which one you should consider spending your money on and for that we are going to talk about both of these appliances to know more about their features so that it gets easier for you to decide.

Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer



Rice cooker is a mainly used kitchen appliance and is pretty popular as well because of the features. The rice cooker is considered a time-saving appliance. It can cook plenty of cups of rice at the same time, depending on the appliance size. It is a great appliance for steaming vegetables, preparing soups, and other foods (i.e., porridge, cereal). It also comes in handy in cooking meat and fish.

The rice cookers are completely electric and really prepares the food in a lot lesser time as compared to stove cooking. The rice cookers are assuredly more energy-saving than an Air Fryer or other different kinds of cookers.

As you might know, the rice cookers insides are completely built of steel so that you don’t have to be concerned about health issues as the rice cookers make your food more nutritious and healthy. The following kitchen appliance is easy to wash as well, and some can even be washed in the dishwasher as some models have the removable compartments and pot.

The rice cookers build up the pressure inside in order to prepare the food. Once the pressure is completely build-up, the cooking process gets super-fast.

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  • Prepares healthy and nutritious food
  • Energy-saving appliance
  • Easy and convenient programmable
  • Great for cooking rice
  • Faster and hassle-free cooking


  • Not a safer appliance
  • Emanates with a steeper learning curve


Secura Air Fryer

The Air Fryer is also a general and widely used product in order to prepare fried foods. The air fryers can be addictive as well, as they prepare the fried items with an impeccable taste. However, excessive amounts of fat are there to make the food unhealthy as compared to rice cookers.

The following appliance is designed to prepare fried food in a healthier way possible. The Air Fryer uses heat and fans for cooking food. However, it heats the air inside and uses a fan for blowing purpose over the food to prepare it.

The following cooking method that an Air Fryer uses is considered the healthiest cooking method as the air fryers use 80% less oil for cooking the fried items. Some models of the Air Fryer are even designed to not use oil at all when it comes to cooking.

Moreover, the air fryers do not need the preheating time to get prepared for cooking or time to build up the pressure inside like the rice cookers do, which makes it even easier and faster to cook food.

The Air Fryer dimensions are also impeccable and are easy to store with other kitchen appliances in much lesser spaces. However, the air fryers are also less expensive as compared to the rice cookers.

The air fryers are used to prepare deep-fried food, bake, grill, and roast different kinds of food. The air fryers are designed as an alternative for the deep fryers. The air fryers do not provide the same crunchiness and that great taste as the deep fryers do, but still, the air fryers use a healthier way to prepare deep-fried items.

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  • Uses a healthier cooking method
  • Smaller dimensions make it more compact.
  • Easy and forthright to use
  • Great for preparing deep-fried items
  • Faster cooking


  • Not much energy-efficient
  • Does not delivers that great taste


As we have discussed the features and how both of these appliances work and what features they provide. So now, let’s discuss the factors that differentiate both of these kitchen appliances to know more about which product is more reliable and versatile.


The air fryer uses the dry heat cooking method to prepare the deep-fried food, and the rice cooker uses the wet heat cooking method to cook the food. The dry and wet heat cooking methods are completely different and are one of the most important factors when it comes to differentiating these appliances.


Safety is a number one priority when it comes to the appliances, and it should be an important concern for everyone when it comes to using the Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer. However, the rice cookers contain a significant amount of risk when using, whereas the air fryer is a little bit safer to use.


When it comes to versatility, both of the following kitchen appliances provide impeccable different features, which assuredly makes them versatile. One cannot be more superior to others because of the different features and purposes.

However, rice cookers are used for cooking rice, steam veggies, and preparing different kinds of cereals and porridge and can even be used to prepare fish and meat, whereas the air fryer is used for cooking deep-fried items and other things.

Both these appliances have amazing technical features that assuredly make them easy to use. If you ask us, the people prefer the rice cooker more than the air fryer as the rice cooker is considered a bit more versatile than an air fryer.


As you know, the appliances are used to ease down your cooking worries and to save your time, and that is what the cooking appliances are designed for. However, rice cookers have comparatively better cooking speed than an air fryer.

An air fryer needs up to 75 minutes maximum to prepare the food, whereas the rice cookers prepare the food in just 20 – 25 minutes maximum. When it comes to cooking speed, the rice cooker is assuredly more useful and convenient.


People always consider an appliance portable and has better dimensions, which help them store an appliance in lesser space. If we compare the Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer dimensions, then the air fryer assuredly is better in dimensions.

The rice cookers take up a lot of space when it comes to storing, whereas the air fryer can be stored in a lot of lesser space. The following feature assuredly makes the air fryer more portable as they have a space-saving design.


If we talk about the easiness, then everybody always considers an appliance which is more easy and convenient to use in all ways. However, we cannot judge an entire appliance by looking at a single model of it as different appliances have different models. Sometimes, newer ones are more convenient and easy to use.

However, if we compare the Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer, then both of these products have different features and qualities, which makes both of these appliances impeccable and convenient.

The easy-to-choose choice is completely dependent on the mindset and how you want an appliance to work, but according to the people, the air fryer is mostly more convenient than a rice cooker.

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As we have just discussed, the factors that differentiate these kitchen appliances assuredly prove that both of the following kitchen appliances have different options and working capabilities. If you are a person who is concerned about the nutrition of food and likes to eat healthily, then you should probably go for the rice cooker.

A rice cooker can cook multiple things and saves time, as well. It assuredly is a suitable appliance if you have a gathering at your home. The rice cooker makes cooking easy.

However, if you are a person who wants to have the fried items in a healthier way, then an air fryer is the right answer for you. An air fryer has all the features and capabilities to provide you with the taste in fried items but in a healthier way.

If we talk about the popularity of Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer, then according to the people, an air fryer is more popular than a rice cooker.


We have discussed all the factors and the things that you can do with both of these kitchen appliances when it comes to cooking.

We have mentioned the key factors that differentiate these appliances (Rice Cooker vs Air Fryer) for you so that you can easily know more about which one is more reliable for you.

Read the entire article and throw away all your worries and concerns as the following article has everything that you need to know.

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