Polk Audio Signature S35 Review 2021

Polk Audio brings you their Signature Series S35 center channel speaker. It is an ultra-slim, high-quality center channel speaker that delivers big and reliable sound. The Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker is one of the most elite, high-performance speaker systems on the market. It produces a crisp sound that will blow you away. It’s an ideal addition to your home theater.

Polk Audio Signature S35 Review

Featuring a dynamic balance acoustic array with six 3 inch drivers and one 1 inch terylene tweeter dome to provide you with an auditory experience of cinematic proportions so you can enjoy everything from movies to music in your own home while feeling relaxed.

This system outclasses most competitors in the industry. This ultra-slim (4″) tall speakers are perfect for anyone who wants big sound . These speakers have been field-tested and reviewed by The Wirecutter as being “the most natural-sounding center channel on the test.” If you want your movie or TV viewing sessions be immersive and fully enjoyable, then this Polk Audio s35 center speaker is a great choice!

Polk Audio S35

This Polk S35 speaker will give you the most epic big-screen experience ever. These speakers are able to provide dynamic heart-thumping sound by first employing PATENTED POWER PORT TECHNOLOGY which provides the deep resonating bass response. Their turbulence-smoothing diffuser minimizes distortion, with the end result being rich sounds for any movie or TV show you want to binge-watch. Its stylish and sleek design will create an aesthetically pleasing look in your living room area.

Where other speakers fall short with high-frequency sounds, these babies deliver rich highs for an immersive listening experience. And of course, it’s got a bunch of patented technologies to get to those low frequencies so deep that they make the house rattle. Pair them up with some equally amazing Polk speakers and soon enough everyone at your block party will be asking you about home theatre system setups and acoustic treatment options.
Polk S35 is a true expert in room response and sound quality that won’t let you down when it matters most.

Polk Audio s35 center channel speaker

The Polk Audio Signature Series S35 is the ultimate center channel speaker in the Polk family. It was designed exclusively for personal audio to deliver impressive clarity and realism with movie dialogue, special effects, environmental sounds- all for an immersive home theater experience.

More than 35 years of acoustics expertise has gone into their design from improving audio’s journey to your ears and producing detailed highs, mids, and lows that will make you feel like you’re really there on a first-person level with whatever it is you see on screen. The S35 can be set up just about anywhere- either tucked away under your TV or mounted on top as its own separate component – but it also pairs great when matched with other high-quality speakers like the Polk Audio TSi200.

This Center Channel Speaker will fill your home theater with sound. With all of Polk’s technologies in this speaker, you will find it an amazing addition to your home theater setup and daily streaming sessions. Your listening experience will be as clear, crisp, and powerful as possible when you insert this center channel into your existing setup or take advantage of full compatibility. This center speaker is perfect for enhancing any arrangement of 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 systems for clarity and the best immersive sound quality at every level like never before!

It’s the best way to experience every movie’s production value in all-new ways you won’t believe! Be part of a Polk tradition that ensures excellence from end to end-see what we mean by being audio obsessed
with the newest line of kits from The Total Solution™ signature series

Polk Audio S35 image 2

Polk Audio Center channel speakers are trusted by professionals in the industry. They have a hi-res certified rating and can be found at professional quality levels, it’s no surprise these are among the most popular on the market. But without reliability and craftsmanship, nothing is possible. That’s why they design products that sound great and will last for years to come.

The center channel produces half of a movie’s dialogue, whether it be from an individual or a group setting, and is responsible for important social cues from other characters in the film. At 53-40 kHz frequency response, this speaker will meet all your sound needs for crystal clear sounds every time.

It has an 8-ohm impedance and handles up to 150 watts. With a frequency response of 53-40,000 Hz, this is by far your best investment in sound quality
With an impressive three-year warranty and anti-diffraction magnetic grilles for minimal sonic interference, it’s guaranteed to be perfect for your home theater system! You can’t go wrong with “The Polk.”

Enjoy high-quality vocals by tuning into album favorite tracks and producing clean vocal tones that are soft on your ears while also ensuring nothing gets drowned out – just another reason why Polk Audio speakers are so popular with audiophiles! The polypropylene drivers produce full-range clarity to dial down mixed music tracks without losing any of the instruments you love.

Polk Audio Signature S35 Specs

Height4.1 inches
Width24.4 inches
Weight14 lbs.
Impedance8 ohm
Frequency Response53Hz–40 kHz
Mid-bass(6) 3inch Dynamic
Balance Mica
Polypropylene Drivers
Tweeter(1) 1inch Terylene
High-Res Dome
Amplifier Power20–150 Watts
Electrical InputsSingle gold-plated
5-way binding posts

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