How To Connect Jbl Speakers To Phone

JBL is known for manufacturing and putting out the best speakers in the market. JBL speakers are extremely easy to set up and often come with Bluetooth connections making your connection process absolutely hassle-free and easy.

With JBL speakers you don’t need special software or apps to establish a connection which makes these speakers even more convenient to use as there are no wires or software involved. You can connect these speakers to your device by using in-built tools. It supports both android and IOS, so you can use it with any device easily. You can also connect your speakers to laptops, computers, windows, and macOS. 

Step by step guide on how to connect JBL speakers to phone:

How To Connect Jbl Speakers To Phone

#1 Turn on the Pairing Mode Of Your Speaker

The first step is to turn on the pairing mode of your JBL speaker. You can do it by pressing the power for almost 3 seconds. You should notice the LED light blinking. The blinking light indicates that the speaker is looking for devices to pair up with.

#2 Find The JBL Speaker On Your Phone

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click on the Bluetooth tab.
  • Refresh available devices.
  • Click on JBL speaker, and establish connectivity.

Once you establish a connection, you won’t need to do it again and again. The JBL speakers will already be available in your connected or paired device lists and will automatically connect when you turn on your Bluetooth.

#3 Check The LED Light

Once you connect your phone to the JBL speakers, check that the LED light is not flashing anymore and is stable to ensure a solid connection.

Download the JBL App

You can also download the JBL portable app on your device which will automatically connect you to your JBL speakers. It is completely optional. Also, not all JBL speakers support this feature. Therefore, check if your speakers support the feature before installing the app. 

And that is how easy it is to connect your JBL speakers to your phone. It is very easy to set them up with your device. A few simple steps and you will have your device connected to the speakers. 

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